The Orville Season 3 on Hulu

The Orville Season 3 on Hulu

The Orville season 3 on Hulu

Seth MacFarlane has always been a name with many noteworthy projects attached to it from animated television shows like “Family Guy, “American Dad”, “Cleveland Show”, and movies such as “A Million Ways To Die In The West”, “Ted”, as well as his live-action “Star Trek” inspired space dramedy “The Orville”. While the most recent season of “The Orville” was released on Fox over 3 years ago, the upcoming possible final season dubbed, “New Horizons”, was announced to be coming to Hulu instead of straight-up cable and as the show has been so far delayed from COVID it only makes sense to have the possible final season available with a service such as Hulu. Below, we’ve gone into detail on “The Orville” season 3 on Hulu, the show as it stands now, the possible future of the show, and what else Seth MacFarlane has dedicated his time to, outside of the roles he has maintained for over a decade now.

The Orville Season 3 on Hulu

“The Orville” season 3 on Hulu is expected to launch on June 2nd but the overall future of the series remains unknown with the leading man, creator, and writer of “The Orville”, and everything else he has taken a part in, Seth MacFarlane turning his focus towards the “Ted” series. While “The Orville” started on Fox originally, as all other Seth MacFarlane shows have started on as well, previously “American Dad” was moved from Fox to TBS so a move to another channel may be a saving move overall for “The Orville”, especially as streaming services have been a saving grace for many show in recent years from the cancellation. It’s very likely that as Seth MacFarlane has such a passion for “The Orville” season 3 on Hulu will more than likely provide an open-ended finale to keep the future of the show as likely as possible without creating a feeling of a true ending to the series. When it comes to streaming services also, release dates have never been as heavily enforced as with regular television so we may even get “The Orville” on Hulu less often but still at a continuous rate, keeping the show alive and with Seth MacFarlane’s dark sense of humor, perhaps the show will get a little darker itself. Overall, “The Orville” may have been inspired by “Star Trek”, the shows are certainly different as Seth MacFarlane had taken the concept of what made “Star Trek” so grounded and touched it up with his signature comedy and story-driven writing skills.

The Orville Beyond Season 3 on Hulu

Beyond “The Orville” season 3, New Horizons, there are no definitive plans for what will happen with the series, but it’s expected that as the show has been such a true passion for Seth MacFarlane to get started in the first place, that the show will continue when MacFarlane is ready to visit “The Orville” again, sometime after “Ted” has had more of a television-style life to it. I’d imagine, unless the creator has something else up his sleeve to create with NBCUniversal, or anywhere else with Fuzzy Door Productions, but as, apparently, all “The Orville” cast members have not signed a continued contract for the show it’s likely that a timeframe couldn’t be settled between MacFarlane and company to let the actors go. However, while the title of New Horizons may lead to an end, or a new beginning, “The Orville” much like “Star Trek” could feature years and years of rotating and changing cast members to further explore the universe that it exists in with original species of creatures and futuristic explorations of human-kind throughout space and near-Earth.

Seth Macfarlane Outside of The Orville

It felt like it wasn’t that long ago when it was announced that Seth MacFarlane was creating a unique, but “Star Trek”-inspired live-action show, something that we didn’t see too often from the creator and writer of “Family Guy”, but when the creator did create something live-action over something animated it has always proven to be highly unique and worth it. Most recently, Seth MacFarlane signed a deal with NBCUniversal to create a “Ted” tv show that most likely won’t include Mila Kunis or Thunder Buddy Mark Wahlberg, but “The Orville” lead Scott Grimes has been attached to the upcoming show, whenever it releases, likely to Peacock as its home. Seth MacFarlane must either have a great working relationship with Grimes or perhaps the actor has always been more than what Seth MacFarlane has been looking for. Grimes’ character in “American Dad”, Steve, has been a longstanding favorite character that always surprises with his actions, words, and singing skills throughout the show.

Beyond “The Orville” season 3

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