Why a Show Like “The Orville” will be More Appreciated in 20 Years

Why a Show Like “The Orville” will be More Appreciated in 20 Years

Why a Show Like “The Orville” will be More Appreciated in 20 Years

On initial consideration, The Orville wasn’t the most promising show. However, while it was panned by the critics, it seems to have been embraced by the viewers, which is why it is now on its second season. Despite this, it is clear that the people behind The Orville are still finding their footing. This can be seen in how the earlier episodes of the show featured more of the comedic elements that Seth MacFarlane is famous for, whereas the more recent episodes have remained comedic to some extent but have nonetheless managed to become more and more similar to its source of inspiration, which is to say, classic Star Trek. Having said this, it is interesting to speculate about how The Orville will be seen in the future, particularly since there are some potential signs that it could be appreciated even more in 20 years’ time than it is now.

Will The Orville Be More Appreciated in 20 Years’ Time Than It Is Now?

For starters, science fiction franchises can see a fair amount of expansion over the course of their existence. Once a science fiction show manages to become successful, it isn’t uncommon for it to start receiving books, comics, toys, video games, and various other kinds of merchandise, which in turn, serve to bring in more interested individuals while binding the existing fan base closer and closer to the franchise. Theoretically, should The Orville manage to build up sufficient momentum, it isn’t impossible for it to turn into a full-fledged science fiction franchise similar to its source of inspiration. Certainly, MacFarlane and the rest of the cast won’t be able to continue performing their roles for 20 years or more. However, the magic of a science fiction franchise that has managed to spread into multiple mediums is that it is perfectly possible for it to continue telling more stories about the same characters in other mediums even if the original has become non-viable for whatever reason. As such, should The Orville manage to find that kind of success, it isn’t impossible for the current show to wind up with a position as the project that started up the whole thing.

Second, The Orville is like a lot of science fiction shows in that it seems like a very conscious reflection of the issues that are prevalent in the present time. After all, science fiction has been serving as a mirror of society since the genre started up, so it should come as no surprise to learn a science fiction show continuing that fine tradition nowadays. Due to this, it could be that the people of 20 years in the future will see The Orville as a neat example of what people in the late 2010s were like. Similar to how there are people in the present who are nostalgic for the 1970s, the 1980s, and the 1990s, it could be that some of the people of the 2030s will see the 2010s in a similar light.

Third, The Orville has some of the makings of a cult classic. Granted, cult classic is famous for being difficult to define, not least because some people think that cult classics can’t even exist in a world in which even the most obscure media has become very accessible so long as people are interested in making it available. However, The Orville is definitely a somewhat odd and somewhat unconventional show considering the kind of science fiction that is most popular in the present time. Moreover, seeing as how much of its popularity has been fueled by the enthusiasm of viewers who haven’t been shy about sharing their opinions with other people, it is possible that The Orville could pick up a status similar to that of a cult classic in time.

Final Thoughts

Of course, there is no real way to predict how The Orville will be perceived in 20 years’ time. However, it has managed to prove more tenacious than what most people expected based on the initial news of its making. As a result, it would certainly be very interesting if it managed to prove popular enough for it to stand the test of time, enough so for it to become a beloved part of the wide-ranging landscape of the science fiction genre.Seth MacFarlane

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