An Analysis of the Most Important “Better Call Saul” Season 2 Moments

An Analysis of the Most Important “Better Call Saul” Season 2 Moments

An Analysis of the Most Important “Better Call Saul” Season 2 Moments

The hit comedy series “Better Call Saul” reviews its second season and if you missed an episode, you may have missed out on what would have been your favorite. The ten episodes of season two were filled with moments that gave us belly laughs, a few chuckles, suspense that held us to the edges of our seats and times when our eyes filled with tears. This was a full season that contained some noteworthy moments. The season opens with Jimmy turning down the job offer from Davis & Main after making the decision to stop practicing law. Kim attempts to talk him out of it and when she sees him in action, she’s so impressed that their relationship goes to the next level. Pryce gives Mike the boot and Nacho lifts some information off him. In conclusion, Jimmy decides to take the job but there’s no way he is willing to change how he practices law. This puts he and Kim’s relationship in a bind as well as his brother Chuck’s. There were so many amazing moments that it’s difficult to choose the best, but we’ve put together a collection of the most important moments of season 2.

1. “Better Call Saul” Season 2 Episode 1 – “Switch” The Jimmy Con Scam

This is one of the most talked about moments in the season opener. We see Jimmy letting go of any illusions of acting like a professional lawyer. He and Kim, his semi-regular girlfriend and co-worker meet with a sleazy businessman named Ken. They pretend that they are brother and sister. Jimmy concocts a horrible lie that suggests he has suffered the death of relatives who left him an inheritance of over a million dollars. Jimmy and Kim pull a righteous scam on Ken.It’s not really as bad as it sounds because Ken is trying to get them to invest their supposed inheritance in one of his schemes so he can collect his fee from them. They gyp him out of a bottle of very expensive tequila. Everything seems to be going Ken’s way and Jimmy, reverting back to his inner con man pulls off a believable act, just long enough to get away before Ken is presented with the bill. The look on his face when he looks at the tab is priceless. This is an important scene because we see Kim move past her own set of moral values as she gets caught up in the sheer enjoyment of successfully pulling off a con job. She’s so impressed with Jimmy’s method of work that she plants a big kiss on him and we see the relationship advance to a new stage. This scene shows us a side of her that we haven’t seen before and it makes the character more interesting.

2. “Better Call Saul” Season 2: Episode 7 – “Inflatable”

This scene from the seventh episode is one of the most talked about of the episode. Jimmy really knows how to get fired. We all know that he’s been trying to get out of his big time lawyer job because it severely cramps his style. In the “Inflatable” episode, he goes all out and pulls out all the stops in his quest to get fired. It’s hilarious to watch him become the most obnoxious bore in the building. It’s hard to tell if his choice of bright and colorful suits to wear on the job are more funny or if it is his barrage of other antics. He goes from using a juicer to make racket during meetings and he also causes a situation in the restroom. He turns up the heat, seemingly with no shame whatsoever and he eventually perturbs his boss to the point of earning a release from his responsibilities. It takes him a while to achieve his goals, but in the end, he arrives. We must admit that at times, Jimmy’s antics are a little tough to watch because they’re so far out there. Viewers tend to feel the embarrassment that he should be experiencing for him.

3. Better Call Saul” Season 2: Episode 2 “Cobbler” – Squat Cobbler

This is another important scene for the second season. With Jimmy McGill employed at Davis and Main, he’s really enjoying the life that he’s living. He has a new office, a great car supplied by the company and his confidence has re-emerged after a short mid life issue during the premiere. He’s starting to get subtle clues that there are many pieces in the puzzle of his life that just don’t match up. In this scene, we see that Jimmy McGill is slowly, yet surely turning into Saul Goodman. There have been hints throughout the show but it’s becoming much more apparent.

4. “Better Call Saul” Season 2 Episode 2 “Cobbler” – Desert Negotiation Scene

This is a scene from the second episode featuring Tuco who takes Jimmy and his two skater boys into the desert. We see Jimmy doing his best to negotiate with Tuco to save the skater boys from certain death. What makes this scene so special is the use of unusual camera angles. When you combine it with the grim humor and comedy, it’s a funny situation when it really shouldn’t be, but that’s what makes “Better Call Saul” such a raging success.

5. “Better Call Saul” Season 2 Episode 2 “Cobbler” – Mike visits Nacho and his father

This is yet another important scene in episode 2 of the second season. Mike pays a visit to Nacho and his father, but it’s hardly a friendly social call. Under the guise of getting his seats upholstered, he visits the shop and they walk out to the car together to discuss the type of work Mike wants done. The father leaves to answer the phone and the two are left to talk. Mike has tracked Nacho down and brings up the baseball card theft. He’s there to get the cards, ten grand in cash or he’ll let Tuco know about Nacho’s little “side business.” Nacho decides that he’ll play ball with Mike because knowing what Tuco is capable of is enough to scare the living hell out of anyone. On top of that, Mike is nobody to trifle with. He may be an “old man” to Nacho, but it’s well known that for an old man, he can accomplish what he sets out to do. The fact that he was able to track him down was sobering enough. Combine that with the fact that Nacho’s family is now vulnerable makes him all the more willing to negotiate.

6. “Better Call Saul” Season 2 Episode 2 “Cobbler” – Saul helps Pryce beat the rap

This is a hilarious scene that shows Saul talking to two Albuquerque detectives about Pryce and his hidey hole. He helps Pryce beat the rap by telling the detectives that there are no drugs in the hiding spot, but rather just some fetish videos that show Pryce perching on top of a pie shedding tears. The most hilarious part is when he tries to describe how Pryce sits in the pie and “wiggles around.” It’s beyond sick and it’s side splitting funny. The detectives appear to be shocked but it becomes obvious that they believe this, the mother of all lies that he’s told, when the two look out the window at him, then shake their heads. These are guys that have heard it all, or so they thought. It’s a scene that goes beyond what words could possibly describe so we recommend that you watch it for yourself. If Pryce wasn’t a character that you loved to laugh at before, he certainly is after you see this.

7. “Better Call Saul” Season 2 Episode 8 – How the special effects were created

This scene is one of the most highly acclaimed for excellence in camera work and top notch camera shots. One glance will confirm. If you’ve wondered how the visual effects were achieved, this clip will remove any questions and we highly recommend it to all who were as impressed as we were with thee 8th episode of the season. There are more important scenes to follow from the 8th episode, but we couldn’t bypass this cinematic masterpiece that left viewers talking about how truly magnificent the effects were, especially when combined with the sound track.

8. “Better Call Saul” Season 2 Episode 8 – Jimmy gets his way

The sound track is spectacular, but the story line is also important in this episode. Jimmy is at his finest, being a con man to get access to an old warplane called the Fifi to use in the production of a commercial. He brings a veteran onto the base who is unable to talk to gain the sympathy he needs to pull off the scam. The dude he brings along isn’t a vet and he talks a mile a minute. Even though his plan is sketchy, Jimmy ends up with a shot of the airplane and the military personnel have no clue what he’s been up to.

9. “Better Call Saul” Season 2 Episode 10 – Click Chuck records Saul’s confession

Chuck shows just what kind of a dirty dog he really is by exploiting his brother at a vulnerable moment in his life. It kind of reminds us of something that Saul would do, so it apparently runs in the family. Chuck gets Saul to confess under the guise of concern because of his brotherly love. After Saul makes his exit, Chuck peels back the cover that was hiding the tape recorder. This sets up a real cliffhanger for viewers who won’t want to miss the first episode of the upcoming season as this was a pivotal scene that kept everyone interested in finding out what would happen next. It’s difficult to determine at this point, who is capable of performing the most rotten deeds, Chuck or Saul? If you didn’t catch this episode, it is a must see because it offers one of the most intriguing revelations of the season. Before you move on to see another episode, make sure that you watch this first if you’re behind in your viewing.

10. “Better Call Saul” Season 2 Episode 3 Amarillo

Jimmy McGill keeps doing things that show a self destructive nature. He really does have some admirable traits when he allows them to surface. He’s shown that he’s a great lawyer when he applies himself, he knows how to be a good friend, and he’s even proven at this point that he’s a good director, as this episode has reinforced. It is the constant pulling of his dark side that throws a monkey wrench in everything. He can’t seem to resist going against the grain, even when the chips are down. It seems to be in the deep dark recesses of his very fiber. Now that he’s left the self-employment phase of his life and is working with a reputable law partnership, he’s in a vulnerable position and he is his own worst enemy. He has something good going on with Kim, so this is the time to keep his bad side suppressed.

Jimmy dons his white cowboy hat and viewers know that he’s full on in his scam mode and ready to put the spurs into someone. His creativity is at its finest, but when has he ever really let the viewers down? Doesn’t he keep us in suspense? Don’t we sit on the edges of our seats frequently? Jimmy finds himself in a terrible need to obtain signatures and he contrives a way to get them that is just south of the law. It is when he becomes aware of the fact that Kim is not on board with the notion of him breaking the law, yet again, he makes the decision to find another way to get what he needs.

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