Check Out This Trailer for Godzilla Singular Point

Check Out This Trailer for Godzilla Singular Point

There are plenty of things that can be said about Godzilla, but one of them is that the massive lizard is one of the more confusing kaiju to ever be created, and given that he’s also the most well-known it’s confusing at times to really divine what’s about to happen when the action heats up and all hell breaks loose. In this version of Godzilla, which has already arrived in Japan but won’t be coming to America until, well, it’s not really known yet, it would appear that Godzilla is back to his old tricks of causing chaos on a massive scale and doing as much damage as possible to everyone involved. It also looks as though there are going to be a few other kaiju joining the party, and it could be that they’ll be trying to keep the massive lizard from destroying everything in sight. It’s kind of fair to say that Godzilla isn’t an anti-hero or even a villain one hundred percent of the time since he’s basically a force of nature that wakes up when he wants and brings the pain when he feels that it’s necessary. The manner in which Godzilla is outlined in this project makes it clear that nothing good is going to come of his arrival, but seeing as how Godzilla: King of the Monsters turned the big kaiju into a hero of sorts it’s kind of odd to see that he’ll go back to harming people without hesitation. But then again, saying that Godzilla has been on the side of humanity has never been a very comfortable statement.

To be realistic, an animated feature is probably the only way to bring on so many kaiju and actually have them fight since it’s likely a lot cheaper and, unlike a live-action movie, the hope is that there won’t be the need for so much exposition. Perhaps just a bit here and there between the titanic fight scenes between the kaiju would be necessary, almost as an explanation of what’s going on and why, before the action kicks off again. This is what’s kind of frustrating about the movies sometimes, the amount of explanation, of an in-depth story that is important without a doubt, but can quite often kill the whole vibe of the movie since it either takes too long or it treks down a path that people didn’t need to hear about as it ends up killing a lot of the mystery that usually lies behind something like Godzilla. True, science is important, and being able to explain things away is even more so, but there are times simply accepting what’s there and coming up with a way to deal with it is kind of preferable. But again, science is important in order to figure that part out.

It’s an argument that can go in circles for a while since between science and mystery there are some things that don’t feel as though they need to be explained, while there are others that definitely bear looking at a little closer since they could be important later on. Godzilla is the type of monster that keeps everyone dancing from foot to foot since there’s no way to know if humanity is going to be the enemy or the ally whenever the big lizard is around any longer. Of course, one thing that’s kind of disturbing is learning that the kaiju can be controlled by various frequencies, as was noted in King of the Monsters. Okay, may ‘control’ is the wrong word, but affecting their mood is a definite since it was kind of obvious what different frequencies could turn a docile kaiju violent and attract the kaiju by changing the frequency. To think that anyone could possibly affect Godzilla’s mood in this manner has been laughable at best until recently, but in this Netflix project it feels kind of obvious that no matter if something like the ORCA is around, Godzilla will be doing some serious damage, but a lot of people don’t know why as of yet. In this version that’s currently on Netflix in Japan it looks as though he’s back to his old tricks, but whoever drew him made Godzilla look absolutely devilish, and it might work to increase the threat level that he represents. The giant lizard has always looked like too much to handle, but with the red mist floating all around and the dark backdrop, it makes him look like a descending nightmare ready to pounce on whatever city is in his sights.

Hopefully we’ll learn more about this project making its way to America soon, but for now, it’s enough to think that it looks absolutely impressive and as a return to the normalcy that a lot of us grew up with when Godzilla was just a threat and not much else.

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