Check Out This Incredible Thundercats Opening Remade in CGI

You’ve got to wonder when the Thundercats are actually going to make a return at this point since there have been enough rumors and gossip teasing such a return. But at the same time, it’s hard not to be impressed and kind of stunned by the CGI version of the show’s original opening. In a way, the team does look pretty cool, but they also look really washed out, as though they’ve been bleached a little. Not whitewashed mind you, but bleached. Is it even possible to whitewash the Thundercats? Wouldn’t they all end up looking like snow leopards or Siberian tigers? Okay, maybe that was a bad joke, but it does kind of make sense considering that the Thundercats were quite colorful and their character designs were a big part of what made them who they were. After all, there was a tiger, a cheetah, a panther, a lion, and whatever the younger two and Snarf were that stood as representations of the namesakes that made up the team. It is kind of funny how their enemies were a mummy that turned into a demonic badass and a bunch of lizard-like and simian creatures that were bent on their destruction and were non-native to the Third Earth as well. Keep in mind that the Thundercats were the foreigners since much like the Transformers they landed on the planet they came to call home and had to ensure that they were friendly with the natives since the creatures that were attacking them finally found them and made certain that life became a lot harder.

There have been rumors about a movie being in the works and the show coming back and so on and so forth but nothing has ever come along yet and a lot of people are starting to wonder if it ever will. If it does come back, be it for TV or the big screen, it feels safe to say that there are bound to be a few changes here and there, but when it comes to diversity there shouldn’t be much of an issue in the casting, since trying to get whoever can make each role work, whatever ethnicity they are, shouldn’t be a huge issue. Some people might say that a white person might be needed for one role and a POC for another role, but honestly and truly, it should be easy to figure out since the Thundercats are alien, human/cat hybrids, so it’s safe to assume that getting just about anyone to play the roles should be fine. Even better, make it into CGI movie and there wouldn’t be as much of an issue, hopefully, since using voice actors shouldn’t cause as much flak. One would think so, right?

Thundercats was one of the favorite cartoons of many people when they were younger since it had cool characters, a decent story to follow, and of course the main hero with that awesome sword. And oh yes, there was a female Thundercat, and she definitely had her own fanbase since she was every bit as awesome as the guys and on top of that was one of the main character’s teachers since he had to be aged up to be the leader of the Thundercats. Lion-O was essentially Tom Hanks in Big, he was a young man in a grownup body and had a lot of learning left to do since he was forced to age and mature quicker than normal to help him take over the mantle of leadership. The funny thing is that Lion-O is still the youngest among them since Wilykit and Wilykat, the two kids in the bunch, didn’t age as much on the trip to Third Earth and therefore still look their normal age. It was brought back for a short time but it didn’t last and at this time it’s kind of a wonder just whether or not things will ever take the right turn in order to get this idea out where people can see it again. It’d be great to see the Thundercats in a triumphant return and possibly have their story doled out in a manner that people could enjoy again. One thing is for certain though, the opening done up in CGI could use a little work yet. Maybe it’s just a quick rendering with a bit of polish around the edges, but it does look like it could use a bit more definition and something that could possibly make the colors pop a bit more. Or maybe I’m being too picky and remembering the show as something more vibrant and alive than it was. I kind of doubt it, but maybe.

Whether or not we’ll see it this decade is difficult to say or predict since it feels as though the story has been left on the back burner for a long time and might need a lot of reworking to give it the kick it really needs.

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