What Would a Taika Waititi Star Wars Movie Even Look Like?

Whatever it looks like it’s going to have to wait until 2022 to see if it even happens since Taika Waititi is going to be pretty busy as Ryan Scott from MovieWeb points out. He’ll be moving from one movie to the next as eventually he’ll return to the story of Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder. It does sound as though he’s open to directing a Star Wars movie and if there’s any indication of such a thing then it’s not hard to imagine that there will be plenty of action and a good deal of emphasis on certain characters that we weren’t expecting. After all when he says stuff like this it kind of makes a person think that he’s open but he’s still on the fence as to what he might want to showcase in a Star Wars movie:

“Oh, I don’t know anything about that, but ‘Mandalorian’ was my chance to work with some stormtroopers… Yes. Obviously I would, but I’m going to just settle for IG-11 being the hero of the entire season.”

There’s also the idea as to whether he’d star as a character in the production since if you remember he did star in Thor: Ragnarok as the rock-like Korg and he also directed the movie. He also starred as the voice of IG-11 in The Mandalorian and directed the finale, so it’s not unreasonable to think that if he made a Star Wars movie, which could happen, he would find a place to inject himself into the story and create a character that people end up caring about one way or another or come to see as vital to the overall story due to one reason or another. IG-11 did start out as an antagonist but eventually became the savior of the group since he not only saved The Child but also managed to save the group by sacrificing himself to clear the mouth of the tunnel they were trying to escape through. In the end IG-11 became a hero and was instrumental in allowing the group finally get a bit of space between themselves and the Imperials. Isaiah De los Santos of Fansided had more to say on this subject. This kind of makes it evident that Taika might actually incorporate a character in a Star Wars movie that people didn’t think much of to begin with but might come to root for by the end of the movie. And of course it would likely be him playing such a character if he had the desire to do so, which we know he does.

Much like his other movies it does feel as though a Star Wars movie under his direction would be faster flowing, carry a great amount of detail, and possibly be a lot looser and more fun for some reason. Perhaps it would be good to include him in the High Republic era since it would be a little more dynamic and be able to stick to the story in a way that might introduce new elements that a lot of hardcore fans aren’t expecting but could get behind. Let’s face facts, people are more enamored of Taika’s work than they are Rian Johnson’s when it comes to the kind of fantasy that deals with magic and outer space, and it would be a treat to see what he might be able to do with a Star Wars movie since he’s already shown at least a bit of what he can do with a TV series. It’s true that he wasn’t the sole director for the show but his episode was absolutely brilliant since it helped cap off the season and brought a lot of action into the mix as well as the kind of heartfelt moments that one might not have expected from a show about a rugged bounty hunter that was trained to look after himself and no one else.

There is something of a hope that we might see a return of the Mandalorians in the midst of the High Republic even though they haven’t been much of a factor in the other Star Wars movies apart from Jango and Boba Fett. It could be truly interesting to see the warrior culture make an appearance in one of the movies in a significant way and in this manner Taika would actually have a leg up since he’s done this kind of thing already. Julia Alexander of The Verge has more to say regarding this subject. Right now the hope of course is kind of cooled and tempered by the fact that we won’t be seeing a Star Wars movie this year or possibly next year, though it’s uncertain as of yet. 2022 sounds like the year that Star Wars might come back to the big screen and hopefully it will be in an epic manner with Taika or someone equally as skilled at the helm since people are going to be jonesing for it after a while.

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