What We Learned from Minions: The Rise of Gru Full Trailer

What We Learned from Minions: The Rise of Gru Full Trailer

What We Learned from Minions: The Rise of Gru Full Trailer

Normally I would say ‘why, oh why?’ but this looks pretty funny and it does give a lot of context as to why Gru is still kind of a bumbler even though when he’s fired up he’s one of the toughest animated characters, EVER. The guy punched a great white shark in the first movie if you don’t remember and has been something of a super villain, then hero, then villain, then hero again throughout his run in the movies. Even the minions have come to be among the favored parts of the movies since people can’t get enough of them. But taking thing back to when Gru was a child is the most natural course since the minions encountered him at the end of their own movie and began to follow the young thief as he made off with his prize. It’s not likely that we’ll see Scarlett Overkill in this coming movie unless a twist of some kind is planned, but there are plenty of bad guys that are going to be wanting young Gru’s head it looks like since this time around he’s trying to prove himself to more than his mother and three adopted daughters, he’s actively taking on six different super-villains that appear to have the kind of power and influence over other villains that makes them want to join forces.

The Rise of Gru is actually a Minions movie so it’s hard to say just how much time is going to be spent on developing Gru’s rise to power, as the fact that it’s still titled Minions makes it hard to think that he’ll be the sole focus. But what is clear is that the minions have obviously been as frustrating to Gru over the period of time they’ve been together as they have been when he’s needed them to be helpful. The minions definitely have their own personalities and unfortunately are sometimes extremely easy to distract and tend to act in ways that not a lot of people can understand. But so far in the movie it is pretty clear that they’re stuck on Gru and that they’re not going anywhere. The theft of a valued item from the super villains though is a sticking point that might drive a bit of a wedge between Gru and the minions if only because he’s so desperate to be seen as someone important that it could be that he’ll say something that’s hard to take back. Of course the jewel could be something that’s more of a minor plot device, which would mean that much of the trailer as we’ve seen it thus far could be a big tease leading into something else.

That wouldn’t be such a bad thing though to be realistic since being given the movie on a silver platter with some of the best scenes is a horrible way to go into a theater since already a person is expecting to see a host of big moments that might take forever to come as the movie continually builds up to them. On the other hand, if said moments in the trailers were given up front and fed into the movie, that might be kind of interesting since it would mean that the rest of the movie would be working to top its own intro and as a result it might be even better as thing go along. Gru as a young kid definitely sounds like it would be more open to grandiose gestures and hijinks since at this point he and the minions would still be getting used to each other and the many foibles that exist between them, and it’s very possible that they might end up creating a great deal of havoc before the movie is over. It’s enough to wonder if we’re going to see more of Gru’s mother in this movie and whether she’ll remain the same individual we’ve already seen, basically demeaning Gru every chance she gets and never approving of anything.

So far the movie looks like it could be extremely funny and it could be a continuation of the Minions and Despicable Me movies that goes back to basics and gives a good account of Gru and how he was before becoming an adoptive father, meaning that he was truly despicable at one point before he went all soft around the edges. But it’s also bound to show a bonding experience between Gru and the minions since their history together is obviously very long and has taken a few turns here and there that were unexpected but didn’t manage to drive a wedge between them until the final movie when the minions went off with Gru’s brother. All in all it should be a fun experience and it could be something that the audience will really enjoy.

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