The Five Best Nancy Meyers Directed Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Nancy Meyers Directed Movies of Her Career

Nancy Meyers’ movies have definitely got a feminine touch to them, meaning that they tend to feature a female lead, or leads, and that the men vary between being charming and kind of out of sorts to just flat out goofy in some respects. She does keep a pretty healthy balance with her characters as you’ll see in these selections as the dynamics between the male and female characters are pretty fair and don’t really favor one over the other unless one character or another absolutely needs to be shown as flawed to keep the story moving. Her interest and talents when it comes to directing and telling a story have managed to get her nominated several times and even won a few awards along the way as she does have a talent for telling a very touching, sometimes campy story that keeps people in their seats and ready to identify with the various characters.

Here are the five best movies she’s directed.

5. The Holiday

When two women that are seeking to just break away from their homes for a much-needed vacation decide to swap homes for the holidays they end up finding more than they were bargaining for as they come to realize the difference in their locations and their lives. While both eventually find some form of companionship and even love on their respective holidays it’s a trip to get there and a journey in many different ways that reminds them of what’s important in life. Along the way there’s even a good bit of comedy and a lot of stereotypical behavior that adds to the hilarity and the overall balance of the movie.

4. It’s Complicated

Ever known those people that just can’t seem to get over their ex? This movie shows that dynamic and more as the female lead, played by Meryl Streep, can’t seem to say no to her ex all that well and wants a down to earth, nice person since her ex is kind of an egotistic ass. The problem is that when she finds the nice guy she still has to see her ex, who left her for someone younger and a little more attractive, though somehow he keeps coming back to her, no doubt trying to have it all. The problem there is that those trying to have it all tend to risk losing everything because they’re often too arrogant to see that the people they’re taking advantage of are tired of it.

3. The Parent Trap

There are differing opinions when it comes to this movie since some people like the first one and some like the remake, but one thing is agreeable, and that this is one of the last times that Lindsay Lohan was actually any good as an actress, barring Mean Girls of course. But one has to wonder just how a secret like this would be kept and how in the world two parents would be able to separate twins in this manner without it being seen as an act of utter cruelty. Seriously, a lot of people say identical twins, or just twins for that matter, tend to feel things the other can for one reason or another, though some would say that’s just a myth.

2. The Intern

This movie proves that you’re never too old to get back out and try to experience what life you have left in ways that some might call, well, insane. Becoming an intern when you’re in your 70s does sound a little odd, but it also does seem to bring with it the chance to create new opportunities and bestow years upon years of experience to those that are willing to listen. In all honestly this movie was a lot of fun even if it didn’t get as much attention as it really needed to be something that people would be talking about for years to come. The idea of learning from an older individual doesn’t seem to track as well on screen, unless it’s a drama or adventure movie for some reason.

1. What Women Want

Even speaking as a man, Nick is one of the worst. He’s an alpha male that was raised to believe that the world was his to play with and all the women in it would recognize him as a king. The only problem with that is the fact that it gives one tunnel vision in a big way. He was so focused on what he could get and people giving him the attention he wanted that he didn’t know what they were thinking until he somehow received the ability to read women’s minds. After the shattering of his perceptions things changed in a big way, and you can imagine that if more men were able to read women’s minds…well, it might not go so smoothly as this movie did.

Nancy has definitely made her mark in cinema.

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