What We Know about the Invader Zim Movie So Far

Invader Zim movie

On one hand Invader Zim is actually kind of inventive and creative, on the other it almost seems like a cartoon that was cooked up while the creator was sitting in a food court trying out names for a story while making nonsense noises in the back of his throat. Argue against that all you want but it does kind of prove that Nickelodeon and a lot of other networks are willing to take on anything so long as it can fill a time slot. It’s very true that that cartoon we watched as kids were just as nonsensical and just as insane, but that’s no doubt the charm that something like Invader Zim has that has allowed it to be ran as its own show for two seasons and will be bringing it to Netflix for its own movie this summer.

So far the main plot of the movie seems to be that Zim finally realizes that his superiors have no intention of coming to his aid to overrun the earth. Anyone that’s read up or watched the show knows by now that Zim was given leave to make his way to earth since his superiors just wanted him out of the way. He’s a bit narcissistic, controlling, and has a bit of an ego, but Zim honestly believed that his efforts would be rewarded since no one could have possibly exiled him since he’s just that great. Oh when characters get a reality check it’s kind of funny since you can almost hear their heart breaking and their preconceptions shattering like glass as they fall to the cold, hard ground. But unfortunately for Zim this is going to mean that his nemesis Dib is going to be trying to expose him as an alien and out him to the entire world, as much as he can.

If you’ve never seen the cartoon it might be kind of hard to really get into the idea of a movie, but one can at least admit it might be interesting enough to take a look. Nickelodeon has undergone a few changes throughout the years and their shows have reflected this since some of them have been geared towards young adults and adolescents that understand the crude and somewhat base humor and the darker story lines that are occasionally told. With Invader Zim the story has been kept light but fun in the hopes of entertaining those that are still into watching cartoons and still able to enjoy a quirky alien show that is out to entertain as well as follow its own devices from start to finish.

Michael Roffman from Consequence of Sound made it known that this movie was actually announced a couple of years back and those that have been waiting patiently are now excited to learn that it will finally be coming out fairly soon. Having reached cult status, the cartoon is something that people have been wanting to see go to new heights as the invasion that Zim is so sure might be coming will finally be revealed to be a non-starter and his time on earth could very well become a little more hectic if Dib has his way. It’s also worth mentioning that the movie could make mention of the Irk’s enemies and those that might be coming after Zim for one reason or another will likely round out the main plot and possibly create even more interest since it will give the movie a great deal of action and drama that fans will likely be able to identify with.

Quite honestly it seems like kind of a silly premise but then when you think of it there have been a lot of stories that many people have felt the same way about and they turned out to be fan favorites taht have blown up and become something other than what they were expected to be. It’s hard to gauge just how popular something is going to be until it finally reaches a certain point where the idea has become the institution and the masses have agreed that it’s worth the effort. While Invader Zim won’t be coming to the big screen it’s coming to the next best thing by being shown on Netflix since the streaming network is still the reigning giant when it comes to streaming entertainment. It’s fair to say that Invader Zim will be given a decent showing once it hits the lists and will likely be appreciated by fans of the show who manage to take notice. It might need a bit more hype as it’s been a while since it was seen on TV, but it would seem that once the fans get wind of the show being made into a movie that they’ll be ready and willing to take a look.

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