What We Know about Lucifer Season 4 So Far

What We Know about Lucifer Season 4 So Far

What We Know about Lucifer Season 4 So Far

Over the last three years Lucifer has been airing on the Fox network and has shown the devil following various adventures on his lonesome. Serving as a consultant to the LAPD, more accurately to detective Chloe Decker, has seen the famed fiend of Christian legend blend police procedure with a great deal of humor and the type of supernatural mysteries you might expect of a being that is so far beyond the humans he chooses to walk among. While it’s never been a huge standout hit it has managed to acquire a healthy fan base and a few supporters among media critics as well. But looking into the fourth season to see what’s coming is going to be interesting since there seem to be some changes on the horizon that fans might like or might think are bold and risky moves to make with this show. It’s been a bit of a wait, but now that season 4 is finally making its way forward fans all over the world are becoming eager to know just what’s going to happen and what’s in store for the duo that drive the show. There are a few things to reveal at this point, but only so much as to whet the appetite and not bed it back down for now.

The show is moving to Netflix

In a way this is almost like a rebirth, a second chance if you will. If you’ll recall, Lucifer was cancelled after three seasons for being a bit underwhelming, but dedicated fans have been trying their best to campaign for a return, and it’s obviously worked. The news of it’s emergence into the streaming world came in June 2018 when it was announced that Netflix had purchased the show and would air it at some point in 2019. In some ways people might feel that Netflix and other streaming networks are where shows and movies go when people are done with them and they’ve become dried up, but in truth Netflix is a second chance for this show to prove its worth, and a chance for any of those that have missed an episode to catch up when the show does hit the network.

Graham McTavish is going to be joining the cast.

Now that Cain, or Lieutenant Marcus Pierce, is out of the picture, it’s reasonable to think that Lucifer needs another religion-based nemesis. In season 4 that role is going to be taken on by the character of Father Kinley, a revered priest that is no doubt going to be set in Lucifer’s path and perhaps shown to be rather hostile towards the main character. Whether the two will seek a moral compromise and exist upon an unstable middle ground or will be constantly at odds with one another has yet to be seen, but it does seem to promise an interesting dynamic that could help bring a bit of spice and pep to the show. After all, priests doing battle with evil is usually a very catchy element in many productions.

There’s going to be a fun shout-out to the fans.

Remember how I said that the fans tried to campaign to bring the show back? Well the showrunner has decided to title one of the episodes Save Lucifer, which is a nice gesture to show just how appreciative he is of the fans that did their best to bring the show back. There’s no telling what direction the episode is going to take, but at the very least it was a nice ‘thank you’ to the fans for going the extra mile to try and bring back one of their favorite shows.

Thanks to being on Netflix there will be more freedom with adult content.

The one downfall of airing on broadcast TV is that every show has to conform to the standards that are required to keep a show decent and able to be shown to varied audiences. Because of this Lucifer, who you can imagine is all about indulgence, had a fairly modest lifestyle that didn’t seem to mesh with what people thought it should be like. But on regular TV it’s hard to really take the idea of a decadent lifestyle and run with it when the censors are ready and waiting to shut the production down for such a thing. Upon coming to Netflix however the boundaries are loosened and the content is no doubt going to be much more liberated. Expect things to get a little more racy.

Inbar Lavi is coming to the show as Eve.

Since there’s already been a figure named Cain on the show you just couldn’t believe that they were going to forego having the original sinner herself show up eventually. Argue all you want, but in Christian lore it was indeed the devil that tempted Eve, and Eve that plucked the fruit from the tree. Apparently Eve will be coming back to earth since she’s dissatisfied with her marriage to Adam and wants to get a bit naughty. Things are about to get interesting it would seem.

Bring on season 4.

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