What We Know about Joss Whedon’s “The Nevers” So Far

Going by what’s been revealed thus far The Nevers, a new show coming to HBO, will be another Joss Whedon-run show that will feature a good number of prominent figures in show business, including Laura Donnelly and Nick Frost, who people have seen a great deal of and come to enjoy throughout the years. The story itself is a science fiction drama that is centered around a group of Victorian women that are referred to as “The Touched”. It would appear that thanks to their unusual abilities and enemies that don’t seem to end or tire that they’ll be sent on a mission that could very well change their world and that of many others. In truth it sounds like another exciting thrill ride that HBO is going to foist upon the audience, and since the ending of Game of Thrones there have been many pretenders to the crown of greatness that was left behind, but the hope is that one or more of the upcoming shows that have been announced or that have already released will eventually take that spot. GoT was, after all, one of the greatest shows that’s come along in quite a while, but its departure has seriously left a hole in the minds of many individuals that are now seeking to fill that void with something, anything, that can give them the same feeling.

Well, The Nevers might not give that same feeling, if ever, but as Joseph Baxter from Den of Geek! might agree it does sound like a decent and possibly engaging show all the same. If nothing else it’s giving Laura Donnelly another chance to show the kind of acting muscles she has yet to really flex for the benefit of her career, while allowing those around her to respond in a way that will create a very rich and entertaining story. Anything that has to do with the supernatural or some fantastical power that another has and others are trying to steal, stifle, or eliminate, is usually a good time since it draws a lot of people in and allows them the chance to at least see if this show is up to speed or to their taste. Plus, Nick Frost happens to make a lot of projects a little easier to watch since he’s able to morph into whatever character he needs to be. In this matter however he sounds as though he’s going to be a little more deplorable than usual since his character is the neutral type that will help those that need it for a price, but will sell them out for the right price as well. If you think neutrality is about staying out of it you might need a lesson what it takes to sit the fence, which this show will gladly give it would seem.

But apart from that and the fact that the hero figures in this show seem to be women, a growing trend that some people fully enjoy and others might roll their eyes at, the program might be worth watching since it could be the kind of show that might help to steer people, and HBO, away from the fading remnants of GoT that still pop up now and again. You might think it’s silly that anyone would continue to remember and talk about GoT at this point but if that’s the case then you might have forgotten just what kind of pace TV shows used to take in the past. Months and even a year or more would pass at times as we continued to discuss how this or that show ended and how it could have been so much better for everyone involved had it not gone down this way or that. GoT is only in the early to middling months as of yet when it comes to this kind of timeline, so thinking that any show will be able to simply step over those memories and said discussion invites the possibility, but the idea that it will happen easily is kind of laughable. At best, The Nevers and many other shows will at least give people an outlet so as to try and get over the fact that GoT ended the way it did. That’s about all we can expect really since people are still smarting and still trying to reconcile the ending with what they wanted to see.

But thinking about the show in question, The Nevers could possibly be something that will contain enough characters, a rich setting, and a decent story line that will entice people to sit and watch for a while and see what there is to see. If nothing else it will be a good time and an enjoyable experience that will offer something new, fresh, and definitely interesting enough to experience for more than a single episode. That’s the hope anyway.

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