What Movies Get Wrong about Chloroform

The movies tell us a lot of things since it’s all about entertainment and how reality can be tweaked in order to be a little more impressive. In this case, chloroform is supposedly one of the best ways to knock someone out quickly and quietly since it’s been used in so many movies and TV shows that it looks insanely easy to do. The only problem here is that if you believe this it might also be that you believe that people can fly across rooftops, take massive amounts of damage and still maintain their footing or keep on fighting the good fight. That’s obviously not the case since the movies and TV shows tend to show quite a few things that don’t happen in the real world since they’re all about showing people the most fantastic and unrealistic events they can in order to keep them entertained and keep them watching. The chloroform-doused rag is one of the surest ways to render someone unconscious for a while, right? Well, the best thing that anyone can tell you is to not bother with it since it might that you’d get a nasty surprise soon after the attempt.

Here are a few things that the movies get wrong about chloroform.

5. It’s easy to make chloroform. Yeah, it kind of is, but it’s not a common staple that people keep around.

There are directions online detailing how to make chloroform, and they’re not that difficult to follow, but the question is why anyone would want to make it. There are reasons to be certain, but one thing you wouldn’t want others to know unless it was absolutely necessary, was that you have some on hand. Unless they know enough to understand that it’s not going to be as effective as the movies have shown them, it might be that they would start looking for their phone in order to call the cops. It’s just not something that you’d be wise to keep in your cabinet or bathroom or wherever you might store it.

4. The cloth to the mouth is the best way. You’d better be built like a brick wall to take the punishment to come.

Not only is it not the best way despite what’s been shown, but the reaction of the person you’re trying to put under is bound to be kind of violent, and there’s a good chance that you’ll slip and press a clean patch of cloth to your intended target’s mouth, in which case the struggle might get even harder as elbows start flying into your gut and your feet start getting stomped on. Unlike the movies, real life isn’t scripted and there’s no telling what a person is going to do to you if you come up behind them grab them. Whatever happens though it won’t be good.

3. It’s easy to use chloroform. The typical response a person will give when being grabbed is to struggle, that kind of ups the difficulty level.

This is kind of an add-on from the previous point. Think about what the typical response is when a bee or a fly buzzes near your ear. You move away and might even swat at it, right? Now think about someone trying to wrap their arms around you and place a cloth over your mouth. The average person is probably going to elbow, kick, stomp, maybe even slam the back of their head into yours just to try to get away. There are enough stories and movies out there that show people being abducted that would make a lot of people fight like a cat avoiding a tub of water just to get away.

2. Chloroform can’t kill someone. Not in small doses, but it would take someone who knows what they’re doing to accomplish this.

Too much of anything can damage someone’s body, and since we’re talking about a person’s airway it’s important to remember that inhalation can do a load of damage if the gas being introduced to a person’s lungs is harmful in any way. If one is going to use chloroform then it’s important to know the dose and to use it in a responsible manner that doesn’t cause any undue harm. Otherwise, as an inhalant, it can do a great deal of harm if too much is taken in can lead to serious damage that can lead to several complications including death.

1. Chloroform can instantly knock you out. Nope, it’s going to take a few minutes, and it doesn’t last that long.

This kind of brings everything else in this article into perspective now, doesn’t it? From what’s been discovered it sounds as though it takes around five minutes for the effects of the right dose to kick in, which means that’s five minutes that your target will be kicking, fighting, and trying to get away until they succumb. Then, the effects don’t even last that long, so it really doesn’t sound like it’s worth the effort.

Seriously, don’t mess with chemicals.

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