Five Things in The Star Wars Universe That Have Aged Poorly

There is so much to love about the Star Wars franchise that it almost feels wrong to grouse about anything, but there are a few aspects that don’t feel as though they’ve aged particularly well since they either haven’t changed as much as one might expect, or they’ve changed in ways that don’t make a lot of sense. With such a huge project that requires enough people to populate a sizeable town to run, Star Wars isn’t the easiest thing in the world to keep up with in terms of what kind of extras and features are being offered. One has to remember that when George Lucas started out he was using scraps to construct a lot of his sets and was out to utilize whatever he could find in order to make it all work. A good explanation of this is that the first Jawa action figure was made on the fly and was garbed in a reconstructed sock to give it the look that was needed. That’s the kind of improvising that was going on with Star Wars back in the day, and unfortunately, in some cases, it’s kept up all these years as the overall feel of the story has incorporated those same aspects.

Here are a few things about the Star Wars franchise that haven’t aged well.

5. The battle tactics

One might want to argue this point, but the battle tactics really don’t feel as though they’ve changed all that much. The old tactics that have been reviewed and even used at times by commanders that predate our current military were simply amazing and, if applied correctly, might even be relevant today. But in Star Wars, throwing one’s troops and pilots at the enemy appears to be the order of the day, since in The Last Jedi the bombers were flung directly into the line of fire instead of trying to outsmart the overconfident First Order by, oh I don’t know, coming up BEHIND them? Sure there are scanners, but how quickly can those huge ships move? The point is, past all arguments, for having such brilliant commanders, the battle tactics were kind of hard to understand.

4. The droids

There are droids of all shapes and sizes, and in the books, yes, those that aren’t canon, there are even droids that are as big as buildings that are used on Coruscant to clear debris and abandoned buildings out of the way for new construction. But just imagine if we managed to see a wider range of droids, everything from building-sized to something possibly microscopic. Imagine a Sith emerging with control over machinery. Wouldn’t that be something interesting to think about? Apparently not at this point since it doesn’t appear that anyone has given it that much thought.

3. The lack of safety devices

This has gotten a little better over the years, but any and all safety measures in Star Wars are still lacking in a big way since some of the most obvious things have gone so far by those that are responsible for thinking outside and around the box that one has to wonder how they earned their position. Plus, there isn’t a whole lot of regard for safety when it comes to various parts of this universe since if anyone remembers, there wasn’t even a handrail for the technicians working on the Death Star, since Family Guy even made fun of this in their parody episodes. Seriously, not one handrail George?

2. The computers

This was kind of unavoidable since the computers and monitors were what Lucas had to work with back in the day. But with the advent of Rebels and The Clone Wars, we’ve seen huge upgrades in technology that still haven’t been completely used in the movies as of yet. The bulky panels, the small, grainy screens, all of it is definitely keeping with the idea of what was seen decades ago, but one would think that the live-action shows and movies would be pulling away from this bit by bit since in the most recent trilogy the technology should have been surging forward instead of stagnating.

1. Midi-Chlorians

This subject divides the fanbase in a big way since a lot of people still want to forget about this annoying mention from the prequels since the idea of a Jedi’s power flowing from the Force and not an untold number of tiny little parts of their anatomy that live in their bloodstream. Just think if a Jedi had to have a blood transfusion. It might be that whoever was in charge, Disney in other words, might quickly state that blood transfusions aren’t a thing in this universe and thereby don’t need to be mentioned. Hey, Disney has changed the rules before, there’s nothing to stop them from doing it whenever it’s convenient.

I love Star Wars, but some stuff just has not aged well.

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