Five Times When Heart Masterfully Covered Other Bands

Heart has proven to be masters of the cover song when taking over other bands’ songs. They’ve done nothing less than offer every bit of respect that is necessary and then some to those bands whose songs they’ve taken and performed. In fact when they performed Stairway to Heaven it was seen that Robert Plant couldn’t help but cry tears of joy and gratitude when he heard it. That’s a little something called respect from one artist to another, a measure of honorable passion that is still important in the industry no matter how big and fast-paced it’s become. One thing that a lot of people don’t seem to understand about a cover song is that it’s not an insult and it’s not an attempt to take anything away from the band that originally released the song, it’s showing that they’re so respected that another band wants to take the chance of replicating their sound and either adding something to it or keeping everything the same in an attempt to show just how much they happen to love that song.

There’s no such thing as showing disrespect when performing a cover song so long as it’s being done with every intent to show appreciation.

5. All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You-Dobie Gray

This is called a cover since the original song was composed and released by Dobie Gray in 1979. The difference here however is that Heart took over the song and changed the lyrics so it wasn’t much of a cover song. It essentially became theirs, but the credit for its first rendition still went to Dobie Gray since the song had been released under the same title.

4. River-Joni Mitchell

Every band wants to do something special in their time and every one of them wants to say they did it with style. Heart has covered songs from other bands and they’ve done their own so it’s safe to say that they’ve done something special while showing a lot of respect to the people that came before them. Inspiration is after all quite important in the music industry.

3. Unchained Melody-The Righteous Brothers

I think the movie that comes to mind more often than not when listening to this song is Dirty Dancing. It’s a total chick flick but it’s one that a lot of people would agree that is so addictive that women and men can’t help but watching it again and again for songs like this. Heart definitely kicks it up a notch however and puts their own spin on it.

2. I’ve Got the Music In Me-The Kiki Dee Band

In some ways it’s great to see that a band is willing to take on the challenge of performing another band’s songs to see what they can do with them. A lot of groups will tend to change the sound and at least put their own contribution on the track but some will stick mostly to the layout that’s already been provided and see what they can do in a much more subtle way.

1. Stairway to Heaven-Led Zeppelin

Like I said above, this made Robert Plant break down in tears, and for good reason. Their rendition of this, one of the greatest songs ever created, is something so special that you can’t help but feel chills as you listen. Heart has been absolutely awesome throughout their career, and they haven’t lost a step.

Just look at the reverence that can be seen all around, it’s simply breathtaking.

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