10 Things You Didn’t Know about “The Edge of Seventeen”

10 Things You Didn’t Know about “The Edge of Seventeen”

10 Things You Didn’t Know about “The Edge of Seventeen”

The Edge of Seventeen is one of the many movies you can watch about the coming of age that happens to everyone and yet no one is ever ready for. Think about yourself at seventeen and wonder if you were really as ready as you thought you were for life. A lot of us would say of course we weren’t, we were still figuring things out as we went along, while maybe a few of us might have had a clue. A lot of people though did their best to hide what they were going through when they were still a teenager on the verge of becoming an adult. But the truth is that a lot of us didn’t know up from down when we were seventeen and pretended like we did so that people wouldn’t find us awkward and somehow sad. The movie is quite comical in its own way and showcases a lot of what teens go through in this constant up and down struggle we call life. When you’re a teenager it just never seems to end. But then you become an adult and you actually pine for those years.

Here are a few things about the movie you might not have known.

10. Woody Harrelson did a lot of improv.

He took the liberty of improvising on a lot the dialogue that his character had to deal with and it was so loved by the director that he was allowed to keep going. Harrelson can be pretty funny when he wants to be.

9. The original title of the script was Besties.

It doesn’t have quite the same ring to it and to be quite honest the Edge of Seventeen is a lot more descriptive of what’s going on in the film. That way you get a general idea of what’s going to happen and what Nadine’s really going through.

8. The original script was a lot different.

There was a whole lot that got cut out, changed, and rearranged so as to make a more cohesive script that wouldn’t be so much of a love story and would present more of the dark and weird side of the teenage years along with the triumphs that can and do come occasionally. It brought a lot more realism to the story to be quite honest.

7. The title of the movie is the same as the Stevie Nicks song.

There’s something about naming movies after music titles that’s kind of ironic but also kind of cool since it takes that same feeling in a way and ascribes it to live action so that people can get a better understanding of what the words really mean, even if they’re just there to make the movie look a little more enticing.

6. Hailee Steinfeld appeared with Jeff Bridges in the remake of True Grit.

This is brought up since during the movie she’s wearing a t-shirt with a picture of the Dude from The Big Lebowski and it has the word ‘abide’ on it. It’s just worth mentioning that she starred with Jeff Bridges in True Grit to show some sort of connection.

5. This was the directorial debut of Kelly Fremon Craig.

As debuts go it was well done and offered a lot of insight as to what Craig’s career might be about going forward in the future. In all honesty the film was something to think about and might have caused a lot of people a great deal of introspection.

4. There was a spinoff created on YouTube Red.

Craig will be coming back to direct the next show but the rest of the cast will not be present. It will be roughly the same idea but the cast will be completely different. It makes sense though when you think about it. Most people do tend to move on after high school and bringing them back wouldn’t provide a greater level of insight into their lives at this point.

3. Despite being announced on Twitter that it would screen in the Philippines it never did.

This kind of sounds like someone might have jumped the gun and gotten a little bit presumptuous. It does happen but it’s usually better to have all your ducks in a row, so to speak, before you go announcing this kind of thing. That way you don’t end up looking kind of ridiculous when your claims aren’t backed up.

2. The film was well received.

A lot of people liked this film. It got critical acclaim upon its release so that says a lot. In many ways you can imagine that people watching this film for the first time saw themselves in some way in one or more of the students.

1. It had a budget of $9 million.

It doubled that amount and went slightly past, proving that people are still invested in high school movies despite the fact that like all genres they tend to have up and down periods that come and go according to what the audience wants.

It’s a great movie and should be seen by everyone at least once.

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