What is the Cast of 24 Up To Today?

As Nina Starner of Looper might agree with 9 seasons is pretty good for any show since it reveals that fans had a lot of invested in the program and were willing to go through one season after another since it offered enough to entertain them. 24 was a thrilling show that had a great cast and featured a lot of very familiar faces during its time and managed to keep the interest of the audience with gripping story lines for season after season. The show ended its run eventually but a lot of people have still been talking about it and another version was attempted not that long ago despite the fact that it couldn’t quite live up to the name. There are shows that simply defy any copycats or even a continuation of their original premise and 24 stands out as one of those that might not need a new cast or a new story line since it was done well enough that it should be able to be left alone.

Here’s what some of the cast members have been up to after the show was pulled.

Leslie Hope

In the years following 24 Leslie has stayed pretty busy in both film and TV and has been shown to pop up from time to time on some of the more well-known programs such as NCIS, Blue Bloods, and even Law&Order: Criminal Intent. With some actors it’s easy to see that time spent on one show is usually pretty time-consuming and can become their life for a while but with Leslie it’s been seen that she enjoys keeping herself busy and has been bouncing back and forth between movies and TV for a while, enjoying a good amount of success in guest-star roles and recurring roles as she’s continued forward.

Elisha Cuthbert

Despite becoming known for her role on 24 Elisha also became quite well known for her time spent on movies such as Old School and of course the teenage fantasy that was The Girl Next Door. There have been a few people that have wondered just where she’s been and what she’s been doing over the years since her role in The House of Wax wasn’t the best showing, but she’s been around as you might guess and has been a big part on The Ranch, starring alongside Sam Elliott and Ashton Kutcher. Her popularity has kind of gone up and done throughout the years though for one reason or another, but she’s remained a solid actress since the show.

Dennis Haysbert

If you don’t recognize Dennis from the Allstate commercials then you might need to watch a little more TV since quite honestly he’s been around for a while and he’s done quite a few things such as his role in Love & Basketball and Jarhead. His notoriety is likely due to his commercials and his distinctive voice but overall he’s been a solid supporting actor that’s taken on as many flop movies as he has successful ones. Recognizing him is easy once he begins to speak, but some folks might not recall just where they’ve seen him before unless they happen to actually watch commercials without changing the channel.

Sarah Clarke

24 was actually the third TV show that Sarah had starred in and if you take a look at her resume you can see that she stayed pretty busy throughout her time on the show and has maintained that lifestyle ever since. As of now it does seem as though she might have decided to take things a little slower since she has one project in post-production at this time and not much else, but there’s no denying that she’s been a busy woman in the past and has carved out a nice reputation for being one of those that can and will show up and do her absolute best. When it comes to being known it’s likely that fans will recognize her most, but she’s still managed to keep herself in a well-respected position in show business.

Keifer Sutherland

There was a time when Keifer Sutherland was the name on everyone’s lips, and this was before 24. Since the show however his fame and popularity has definitely increased just a bit before reaching a sort of plateau that has thankfully not dipped or declined since he’s still a well-respected actor. It was amusing to see him in the remake of Flatliners despite the fact that the movie wasn’t all that well-received, but he’s also been busy with other projects that have kept him in the public eye and continue to remind us that he is a very talented actor that can take on a number of roles and make them work in various ways.

Obviously there are a lot of other cast members worth mentioning and a lot of them have continued to experience great success in show business, but focusing on a few of the most pertinent members seemed prudent.

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