The Most Masculine Sam Elliott Movie Roles of His Career

A good question to ask is when is Sam Elliott ever NOT masculine? There aren’t a lot of times that most people would be able to come up with since the guy just kind of ooze masculinity the way some people sweat in hot weather. But he’s been known to be a gentleman in many movies, though hardly ever has he really done anything that doesn’t prove that he’s all man. The difference is that he shows what it’s like to be a man and still be respectful to people when the need arises. Rarely will you ever see him just be a straight up male jerk that can’t seem to cope in polite society.

He’s all man, but he’s all gentleman too.

5. Mask-Gar

He’s definitely rough around the edges at time but even as Gar he’s still the kind of guy you can rely on quite often since he’s still a nice guy. Bikers tend to get bad reputations from those among their numbers that are hardcore largely because they’ve got something to prove or because someone damaged them along the way and they never fully recovered. It’s a matter of choice to be a decent human being and still be tough.

4. Ghost Rider-Carter Slade

A lot of folks, even comic book buffs, don’t seem to realize that there was a Ghost Rider that came before Johnny Blaze. He might not have been the same spirit of vengeance that Marvel cooked up, but the cowboy image of Carter Slade was still fun to watch since it was a passing of the torch so to speak. In this movie it was a moment that was there and gone way too fast, but it was still something that was kind of cool to see.

3. Tombstone-Virgil Earp

This was Kurt Russell’s movie without any question but Sam Elliott still turned in a great performance as the stern and unyielding Virgil Earp, who was perhaps known as one of the more sensible among the Earp siblings. Wyatt, as many people need to find out from historical evidence rather than the movies, was not always the law-abiding gunman that cleaned up the west. There were times when he was a straight up bully.

2. The Hulk-Ross

So yes, this movie was a tremendous flop, but Elliott played Ross so much better than William Hurt that it was kind of a downer to see that he didn’t get asked back to perform the same role for the MCU. It could have been seen as a conflict of interest perhaps but it would have still been preferable since ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross had a serious hate for the Hulk and nothing but disdain for Banner, and Elliott played that perfectly.

1. Roadhouse-Wade Garrett

When he was still young enough to pull this role off this was perfect since he was the tough guy but he was still friendly enough that you’d want to sit down and have a beer with him. Pairing him up with Swayze was a work of genius since they played off of each other perfectly.

It doesn’t take always take being a tough guy to be masculine.

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