The Top Five Kiefer Sutherland Yelling Scenes in Movies

Keifer Sutherland has entered the Yelling Game! He’s definitely got that raspy kind of voice that makes the full-throat yell seem a little less than some others but he can turn up the volume when he needs to. When he yells though it’s more because something is wrong or is about to go wrong. Normally he might raise his voice or possibly get a little heated, but Keifer usually keeps his cool in movies because that seems to be who he is, the cool guy that doesn’t get flustered easily. That could be just his persona but hey, it’s nice to think that he might actually be a level-headed person outside of his roles. In any case, he’s done a lot of different films and probably raised his voice in quite a few of them, but more or less when he does raise his voice it’s because he’s excited or something just went really wrong.

Here’s a few clips to show you what I mean.

5. The Lost Boys

Thankfully it’s not necessary to root for the bad guy that likes to suck your blood and terrorize you shortly before he does. Otherwise the death of one of their group might have been seen as a tragic moment when the vampire version of Ted had a stake rammed right through his chest. Obviously Keifer didn’t take kindly to this and went in pursuit of the Frog Brothers and Max.

4. Flatliners

It’s one thing to suffer for your sins, but when you have to worry about them kicking the living crap out of you night after night that becomes a whole new issue. I’m still waiting to see how the newest version of this, let’s call it a remake I guess, is going to do, but chances are a lot of us that remember this film will still contest that it was the better of the two.

3. The Three Musketeers

The story of the Three Musketeers is a very special one that is near and dear to a lot of people’s hearts, and of course Disney likely knew that and tried to keep as much of the original story in there as they could. But this is Disney, so of course we’re going to see moments that couldn’t have and wouldn’t have happened in history, much to some people’s enjoyment.

2. Monsters vs. Aliens

Monger is that guy that forgot that the war was over because he see’s conflict at every turn and is constantly prepared for the world to just about end whenever he blinks. But in a movie like this that’s the kind of guy you need to rely on since he’s got the kind of answers you need. It’s just too bad he’s a borderline psycho. Give him some credit though, he’s a useful one.

1. Young Guns 2

Talk about history being skewed. This story was such a loose take on the life of Billy the Kid that they actually had characters in here that either rode together for a little while and then split or didn’t ride together at all. Still it made for a compelling tale and one heck of a movie. And the way that Doc goes out is synonymous with the way the movies were set up.

That grainy yell has a haunting quality to it that’s kind of alluring.

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