What If the “Cobra Kai” Theme Song Had Lyrics?

Once again there’s a good reason why a series doesn’t have lyrics attached to its opening. Cobra Kai is better off having an instrumental score and making use of various other songs throughout the course of the series, especially if one is really going to dig into all the quirks that the show has displayed. The part about the cops never showing up is kind of interesting since it’s not wrong really, as there aren’t a lot of authority figures that would be able to break up the fights with a few well-placed shocks from a taser here and there. But in this day and age the application of a taser might appear to be kind of troubling, and the general attitude towards police that’s emerged in the last four to five years has been anything but positive from a good part of the population. To be fair it’s been building for years, but leaving the cops out of this series in a large part is kind of an oddity. Season 3 had a few more cops since Robby had to be apprehended, and the use of security guards and juvenile detention guards was kind of a must since such places kind of need personnel to run the place. But starting a fight in a mall, breaking and entering, and getting rowdy in the school does make it feel as though the cops would have been forced to get involved at some point.

Plus, the fact that Stingray went wild on a few kids near the end of the second season is reason enough to believe that the cops would be looking for him since that’s a huge no-no, especially in a high school. On top of that, karate appears to be one of the only ways that matters get settled in the series, but a lot of us have simply accepted it since the story is meant to follow after one of the most loved martial arts movies of all time, even if it’s not the greatest technical movie according to experts. Something about the Karate Kid movies simply touched a lot of people though, since it managed to pit an underdog against the highly skilled and toughened students of a dojo that taught violence without apology. It’s probably best that it never had a theme song though and that Cobra Kai doesn’t have lyrics to its opening. In fact, if it did it would be far more laughable than some folks might think it is at this time.

The Karate Kid movies have been inspirational in a big way, and Cobra Kai has followed that tradition since there’s no doubt that people could poke holes in the logic of the movies and the show all day long, but that’s not what most people are here for. This is one of the many shows that doesn’t need a theme song simply because it aligns so well with the movies, and because quite honestly it’s better just to get into the action and let people worry about who’s playing who at the end, or with a Google search. Thus far the show has been all about getting into the story and learning how things turned out decades later as both men have grown and taken on life in their own ways. So far it’s been great as the fans would agree, even if there are plot holes that are a little too obvious at times. This is kind of stuff that fans tend to let slide unless it gets a little too ridiculous, and then there might be a discussion about it, but not much more than that. Seriously, when someone loves a movie or a show this is what happens, they forgive a lot even when someone else starts to ask how it all makes sense. At one point or another everyone will do this about a movie or show they don’t fully understand or don’t like, but in such moments it’s wiser to step back and let the fans enjoy what makes them happy. It won’t hurt, promise.

In the meantime, wondering what’s going to happen in season 4, whenever it starts production, is going to be weighing on the minds of many fans as they try to predict who’s going to show up and how the All Valley Tournament is going to go this time since Daniel and Johnny will be working together to try and eliminate Kreese for good. There are already plenty of theories and the fans have spoken when it comes to who they want to see make their way onto the show. Julie Pierce’s name has come up, as has Terry Silver’s and Mike Barnes’. It’s hard to say if those in charge are going to let things go this far, or if the actors even want to show up, but whatever happens, season 4 is going to be epic.

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