Cobra Kai: Is Hawk the Glue That Will Unite Robby and Miguel?

Cobra Kai: Is Hawk the Glue That Will Unite Robby and Miguel?
Cobra Kai: Is Hawk the Glue That Will Unite Robby and Miguel?

credit: Cobra Kai

There are problems in Cobra Kai in all honesty since not only is the dojo still around, it’s getting worse and worse since Terry Silver was brought into the mix. Now that Silver is bringing in new senseis to teach the students, all of whom appear to be in sync with what Silver is teaching. But there are rogue elements in this story that were not available to Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence until the most recent season. There’s a good chance that these elements will make a huge difference in the next season. With Kreese in jail, Silver in charge, and Johnny off to find Miguel and bring him home, things are in an uproar at the moment, and solidarity is one of the elements that is needed the most. Unfortunately, there are still quite a few hard feelings between several individuals, and Robby and Miguel are two of those who have had issues with each other for a while. Obviously, there is a reason for this, and there’s more to it than the accidental kick that nearly paralyzed Miguel

Cobra Kai: Is Hawk the Glue That Will Unite Robby and Miguel?

 credit: Cobra Kai

Robby and Miguel have a serious issue to work out between them.

No matter how traumatic it might have been, it’s not the accident that stands between Robby and Miguel. It’s Johnny, Robby’s father and Miguel’s sensei, that’s the issue between them. There’s plenty of other stuff that needs to be resolved, but as the trailers have shown, it’s not going to happen easily, if it does at all. But an individual has been in contact with both of them, even if he’s never been friendly with Robby. Hawk has been a part of Cobra Kai, he’s turned his back on his friends, and he’s learned the hard way what it’s like to have to make the trip back to where he started, back to who he really is. A last-second kiss from the woman he loves didn’t hurt anything either. But between Robby and Miguel, there are a lot of hard feelings that aren’t about to be negated without a great deal of talking and a massive amount of understanding that both young men don’t appear ready to embrace. 

There is one upside, all three young men appear to be done with Cobra Kai. 

It does appear that Robby walked away from Cobra Kai in the last season, as his issues with the teaching style that Terry Silver brought might have distanced him just enough to keep away from the team for good. But the issues that exist between Johnny and Robby and the issue that has arisen with Miguel are bound to take time to sort out, so one can easily guess that this will take up a chunk of the season. Hawk’s role could be kind of a minor one between Robby and Miguel, but one thing that’s kind of obvious is that the glue that holds people together isn’t always going to be something that stands out in stark relief. Having interacted with both young men, Hawk has a very different history with either one, but that could still come into play since he knows what it’s like to be frustrated by Cobra Kai’s harsh teachings, and he knows what it feels like to be balanced by Miyagi-Do. The question is whether this experience will be enough to allow him to bridge the gap between these two. 

Cobra Kai: Is Hawk the Glue That Will Unite Robby and Miguel?

 credit: Cobra Kai

It’s still easier to believe that Johnny will be the link that needs to bring Miguel and Robby together. 

After all, Johnny is the one that both young men have clung to in the past, and it makes sense that he would be the guy to find a way to make them bond. But taking into account that Hawk has undergone a serious transition from badass to reformed badass, it stands to reason that he has more to offer when it comes to bridging the gap between Miguel and Robby. On top of that, he still has a few things to learn, which means he has a unique perspective that Johnny can’t match. Much like Miguel and Robby, Hawk is still growing and developing in life and in his skill, so it’s very likely that because of this, and a couple of other factors, that he’ll be able to reach Miguel and Robby far easier than Johnny could. 

A unified trio could go a long way toward the effort to combat Cobra Kai. 

If these three young men did come together or at least found a way to work toward the same goal, it’s fair to say that their gathered experience would be enough to combat Silver’s attempts to dominate the valley with his Cobra Kai. One has to remember that between the three of them, they know how to embrace the true spirit of karate, and they’ve come to realize what an abuse of power looks like. That could mean trouble for Silver and for Cobra Kai as it currently stands. 


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