What Could Happen if Jim O’Heir Joined The Mandalorian?

Well, this would certainly be a different kind of twist to see in the next season of The Mandalorian, even if Jim O’Heir was little more than a guest star for a single episode. Since season one it’s been evident that fans are going to be able to see one guest star after another, and many of them have been recurring characters in the show. But while they have become fixtures in the show, they’ve also been kept from being too prominent unless they happen to be close to Din Djarin. This leaves a big question as to what his role could be if he is going to be a part of the show. As many people should be able to remember, Jim was a big part of Parks and Recreation and was one of the most maligned characters on the show. Like Jerry, Gary, Larry, and Terry, he was the kind of guy that everyone in the office used as their communal whipping post, so to speak since he was also one of the nicest people and the most accident-prone in the office. This kind of leaves one wondering what type of character he might portray in the show if he’s being cast. 

Recalling this character in Parks and Rec is amusing since out of all the characters on that show, Jim was the one that took the most abuse without asking for any of it. He did his job competently and efficiently while everything around him was being turned into chaos by his coworkers, and yet he was the most blessed by far since his outlook on life was amazing, and his home life was so saccharine-sweet that it was nearly capable of causing a cavity just watching it. Also, his on-screen wife and three daughters were insanely beautiful, leaving many to wonder how in the world he’d pulled off such a life. 

Thinking that Jim would be given the same role as he had in Parks and Rec, the lovable loser feels like it would be funny, but not entirely realistic, especially if he was only meant to be a guest star. Seeing Jim show up as a villain though, that could be interesting to find out how much range he might have as an actor. There are bound to be a lot of people out there trying to think up a way to inject Jim into the series, but until it’s known whether or not he’s really going to be a part of the show, much of what’s said will be speculation. If it does happen though there’s a question as to whether people might even recognize him depending on the part he takes since enough makeup and prosthetics could do a great job of hiding a guest star if that’s the plan. It’s very easy to see how some guest stars were bound to be injected into the story, as Timothy Olyphant was given a great appearance as Cobb Vanth, while Ming-Na Wen’s appearance as Fennec Shand was great as well. But in light of fitting every individual into their proper spot, it’s not entirely clear where Jim might fit the best. 

The details of season 3 haven’t been delivered yet, but the understanding is that the next season is going to move forward and be its own unique addition to the story. There are already a few things that people are expecting since Grogu was seen to return to Din instead of remaining at Luke’s Jedi Temple, Ahsoka was off on her own adventure, and Boba Fett and Fennec Shand are now allies of Din’s. Who we’re going to see and what’s going to happen is already being ramped up in a lot of peoples’ minds, especially since Christopher Lloyd is also coming to the show, but until we learn more, it’s going to be a giant question mark when trying to figure out the details. Since Din still has the darksaber, it’s fair to say that his ordeal with Bo-Katan will still be a factor, though whether we’ll see that many actual Mandalorians is tough to say. It would be undeniably cool to see more of the warrior culture if there are still enough around, but one can imagine that many will be crying over the canon no matter which way the story goes. 

Jim O’Heir feels like one of the more unlikely individuals to find himself placed in a show such as The Mandalorian, but stranger things have and usually do happen when it comes to show business, and it wouldn’t be the first time that a character was placed in a program that didn’t appear to make sense. Hopefully, there will be more information forthcoming on this soon, as it’s been announced that season 3 is going to be coming to Disney+ near the latter part of 2022.

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