What Can We Expect from Jungle Cruise 2?

What Can We Expect from Jungle Cruise 2?

What Can We Expect from Jungle Cruise 2?

Seeing how the first movie panned out, Jungle Cruise 2 might have a lot of work to do in order to equal or come close to the first movie’s success. This is usually what happens with sequels however so it’s not that big of a surprise that things are going to have to take a seriously impressive turn to keep moving forward. But now that Frank’s curse is lifted it’s fair to say that he’s going to be looking at the world in a different way and likely become aware of his renewed mortality. In the meantime, Dr. Lily Houghton, having procured the flower that allowed her research to advance her research, now needs something else to focus on to drive the story forward. Seeing how Disney created a movie based on a ride that a lot of people grew tired of when they hit their teenage years, it’s not hard to think that they’ll be able to come up with a story for a sequel that will be able to captivate the audience once again. How far they’ll go with it is kind of hard to say since there are a lot of stories that can come from a tale that begins on a river and ends up in the city. 

It could be that Frank might actually miss the days of riverboating, and it would make sense to go back anyway since the title wouldn’t make as much sense unless they did manage to go back to the main point of the story at some point. There aren’t a lot of jungles in England, so it’s fair to say that they’ll need a reason to head into another jungle, perhaps to find the tree again, or maybe to find another artifact that might be able to help with the war effort, or something similar. Whatever it might be, a return to the jungle will no doubt be in the cards since otherwise, the movie might need one heck of a good subtitle to make sense. 

But in terms of the story, it’s still up for grabs as to what it might be about since the initial movie does feel like something that might have another story to tell, but it could go in a lot of different directions. There are a few ideas out there that might bear fruit, but until then it’s nice to know that Emily Blunt, Dwayne Johnson, and Jack Whitehall are apparently on board for the sequel, meaning that it won’t force people to become invested in replacement characters, which is usually tough to do when it comes to movies since like it or not, audiences want to see the same people playing the same roles, no matter if there’s a good explanation for the switch. In this case, however, trying to switch actors out for Johnson and Blunt just wouldn’t work since they’re too famous and too loved to ever be replaced with anyone else unless it happens before the movie’s even made. In this case, bringing them back is a big deal for the sequel since people will want to see what else they can get up to and, of course, where Frank and Lily’s relationship will be when the movie releases. 

There’s also the matter of an antagonist since there’s no telling if there will be some way to bring back the original antagonists or not, or if there will be a new villain that people need to get used to. Right now there aren’t a lot of details since it’s more of an idea that’s moving forward and will need a lot of work in order to bring something to the theater that people will want to watch. It might be a little bit of a surprise to some folks that the first movie did so well, but with the caliber of stars they had to work with and the fact that Disney puts a great deal into stories that are believed to be capable of doing something other than what people think, it’s usually easy to see that something will happen, since creating too many flops in a row isn’t going to look good for the Mouse House. 

As far as when the movie is bound to come out, that’s another giant question mark at the moment since it’s still in the process of being thought up, which means that we likely won’t see this movie for another year or two at the very least, and possibly not for three to four if any delays happen. So far the damage done to the entertainment industry by the coronavirus pandemic is being overcome, but there’s always the idea that people might need to buckle down now and then in the event that something else might happen. But it’s fair to think that at some point we’ll see this sequel materialize. 


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