New Ben Affleck Photos Show Him Cheating On Dunkin’ Donuts

We all know and love Ben Affleck for a lot of things. First, it could be his stellar acting career with mega roles such as Batman, or maybe, it could be his new marriage to the lovely Jennifer Lopez as husband number four! Well, some know Ben Affleck for something even more unique, his addiction to Dunkin’ Donuts.

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I bet you didn’t see that one coming. These celebrities are human, just like you and me, and all have their go-to guilty pleasures. For Ben Affleck, it’s Dunkin’ Donuts, but he was recently caught cheating!

Ben Affleck And His Love For Dunkin’ Donuts

You might wonder how we even got to know this tiny yet interesting detail about the hit director and producer. To answer this question, Affleck has been seen drinking and, on more than one occasion, excitedly reacting to the beverages he buys from the coffee house. The paparazzi caught on each one of the photos, and all I can say is good work for such a keen observation.

So how exactly did the Oscar-winning actor cheat on his go-to coffee house? And most especially with who?

New Scandalous Photos of Ben Affleck

You know, only a star as big and loved as Affleck would make drinking a different type of coffee scandalous, and I can’t help but smile at the thought of how much influence one man can have.

Anyway I know you’ve been waiting to hear, and finally, I’m going to tell you. It was Starbucks! All the Starbucks fans probably tell us, “I told you so,” but you have to realize that it was only once. Cheating is actually cheating, though.

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The recently published photos by Page Six show the beautiful couple, Affleck and his amazingly talented wife, Jennifer Lopez, in Los Angeles. My first reaction to the photos was how good they looked together and how I thought they were a match made in heaven but hold that thought. In Affleck’s hand is an iced coffee from Starbucks. What happened to Dunkin Donuts?

Sadly, only Ben Affleck knows the answer, and we sure hope to hear something. It was only last month when he was seen taking Lopez on a Dunkin’ run, so I guess old habits do die hard. Ben Affleck will certainly not stop his infatuation with Dunkin’ Donuts any time soon. A little bit of spice isn’t so bad from time to time.

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What’s New From The Icon?

Every time Ben Affleck hits our screens, you can’t deny the excitement and the awe. He is simply talented, and we always look forward to what movie he has in store for us. So what movie does he have in store for us?

In the new The Flash movie, he is set to return as Batman next year. He is also set to make a potential cameo appearance in the upcoming Aquaman and The Last Kingdom. The worldwide star isn’t slowing down as he also works on an upcoming biopic about Nike and many other films.

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An Interview From Affleck

“It’s funny because I was talking to Paul the other day, Paul Thomas Anderson — I saw Licorice Pizza, and it’s amazing — And we were watching a movie, and he was kind like, ‘Yeah. At first, I heard about the movie. And then it was like I heard this whole other wave,'” Affleck said in an interview. “So, I feel like there is a rebirth to it, and I think that’s due to the streaming thing. You may have to adapt to the changing times. I mean, this business has changed, right? You had vaudeville, silent movies, talkies, and color. Then there was television. It’s continued to evolve and change.”

Credit: Batman v Superman

“I had this with The Way Back. No one was going to go see that movie in the theater,” Affleck continued. “I could feel it. I love the movie. It’s a good drama. That audience was like, ‘We want to stream it. We’re not going to rush out and see it.’ Were people rushing out to see movies that first weekend? The currency is mostly like young people who want to get out of the house. And there is a significant and growing audience for these interesting adult dramas. But that audience has been acculturated, especially with COVID and the streamers and the quality, and they want to watch it at home. They don’t care. They want to be able to pause it, take a leak, and watch the rest tomorrow.

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