How an Alternate Cut Makes “Passengers” a Much Better Movie

How an Alternate Cut Makes “Passengers” a Much Better Movie

How an Alternate Cut Makes “Passengers” a Much Better Movie

While Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is getting plenty of praise this week, one of its stars, Chris Pratt, has been defending a movie he made that didn’t get such rave reviews.  That movie is Passengers.   The movie took a bashing from critics for the problematic story as well as being too predictable.   However, what we’re now seeing today is that if a different final cut of the movie existed it might have been a much more engaging film.

Nerdwriter takes a close look at Passengers and imagines how the story would have played out in a much more interesting way if instead of following the movie from the perspective of Chris Pratt’s character Jim, we begin the movie from the viewpoint of Jennifer Lawrence’s character Aurora. It adds an entirely different feel to the first half of the movie.

Here’s Nerdwriter’s video examining how Passengers recut could have made the movie better:

Rearranging the movie by following Aurora certainly solves some issues but not all. One issue we’re still left with is a sub-par ending. I’ve read that a more Twilight Zone type ending could have worked better. How do you like Passengers being recut this way?

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