Why We’ll Be Passing on “Mom and Dad” Starring Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair

Described by some critics as “Home Alone” on bath salts, “Mom and Dad” is one of those movies that doesn’t have the potential to be on anyone’s must-see list. Why? While the movie hasn’t come out yet, so no one really knows everything about it, the trailer is enough to make most people turn the other way. While Nic Cage has been in quite a few bombs in the past, this one really takes the cake when it comes to the movie world. So, if you really must know the specifics of why this movie isn’t worth the money or time, read on.

Parents are Going Crazy

The main idea of this film is that the parents, Nic Cage and Selma Blair being the main characters, turn on their kids. However, it isn’t just this couple — but all the parents in the town that begin to turn on their kids and trying to kill them. The origins of this 24-hour mass hysteria are completely unknown (and not revealed) in the trailer, but honestly, does it really matter? Parents turning on kids and killing them? For most people this is something of nightmares…not something that deserves to be on the big screen.

The Tagline of the Movie is “They brought you into this world, now, they can take you out”

There really isn’t much to say here, as the tag line says it all. While many parents have threatened this exact sentiment in the past, it isn’t something they mean. However, this movie takes it to the literal sense of the word. How cliché.

The Mass Hysteria is All Over the Place

Even though all the parents appear to be in an uncontrollable, zombie like condition during the majority of the movie while the mass hysteria is going on, they can still talk calmly to their kids to try and manipulate them. It doesn’t seem like the writers of this movie really thought out the script or plot well. Additionally, the violence inflicted by the parents is limited to just certain weapons, including pickaxes, sledgehammers and knives, rather than rifles or guns.

The Song Hokey Pokey is also Sung

Mass hysteria, killing of children, singing of the Hokey Pokey — what an eclectic, non-compatible mix of elements that just don’t work. This is sung when Nic Cage’s character is trying to uncover where his kids are hiding. This is also a bit disturbing on many levels.

So, there you have it. If you have thought you may want to see the latest Nic Cage flick, we suggest that you think again. This film really has nothing to offer by a horribly thought out plot, the idea of killing your own children, and things that simply don’t go well together. We suggest that you pass up wasting your money and wait for another film worth the investment of your time to go to the movies.

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