How the Blip/Snap Affected the Celestials and the Emergence in the MCU

How the Blip/Snap Affected the Celestials and the Emergence in the MCU

How the Blip/Snap Affected the Celestials and the Emergence in the MCU

The Celestials’ Arrival in the MCU and the Blip/Snap Conundrum

The Celestials have made a grand entrance in the MCU, raising questions about how the Blip, or Snap, might have affected these god-like beings. Since they are alive, it’s possible that Thanos’s actions could have impacted them, even though they are connected to the Infinity Stones. As the god-like beings of the MCU, the Celestials are perceived as nearly omnipotent, yet still capable of defeat. Their whereabouts before the Guardians of the Galaxy remain a mystery, but their recent appearance in The Eternals has changed the game.

It’s been theorized that Bruce Banner’s second Snap might have accelerated the Emergence, the anticipated birth of Tiamut and the subsequent destruction of Earth. To understand this concept, one must delve into The Eternals, and since it’s already on Disney+, spoilers are fair game.

The Emergence and the Eternals’ Rebellion

The Emergence is the birth of a Celestial, which annihilates the planet that nurtures them until they’re ready to emerge. This process is part of the Celestials’ cosmic balance, which they alone comprehend. In The Eternals, however, the titular group of super-powered beings decided that Earth’s destruction was unnecessary, despite having experienced the process countless times before. Sersi, the new leader after Ajak’s death, chose to defy their master, Arishem, and ultimately killed Tiamut. The crucial question now is how the Avengers inadvertently aided the Emergence.

Did the Avengers Unwittingly Help the Emergence?

There’s no evidence that the Avengers knew about the Celestials, even though Nick Fury and SHIELD have been ahead of the curve in the MCU. This means that they didn’t think twice about using the Infinity Stones to bring back everyone who had been snapped away by Thanos. However, since the Infinity Gauntlet was designed to eliminate half of ALL LIFE in the universe, it’s plausible that the Snap wiped out Celestials along with mortals, drastically altering the timeline of the Emergence. If Thanos’s actions hadn’t been reversed, the Emergence might have been delayed, and Earth would have been safe for a while longer. Although some might argue that the population would have eventually rebounded, the Snap could have temporarily saved Earth and other planets.

Were the Celestials Affected by the Snap?

Another question is whether Arishem and his fellow Celestials were snapped out of existence or if they remained when the universe was halved. The Celestials’ involvement in the MCU raises numerous questions that can lead to various answers. However, when it comes to the Celestials and their manipulation of worlds and the Emergence, the Snap inadvertently saved the world, reinforcing the ‘Thanos was right’ sentiment seen in the Hawkeye series. The MCU has always grappled with the complexities of morality and practicality, and the Celestials’ enigmatic nature only adds to the intrigue.

What’s Next for the Celestials and the MCU?

If there is an Eternals 2, it would be fascinating to learn more about the Celestials and their motives within the MCU. The Blip/Snap will undoubtedly continue to reverberate throughout Phase 4, as it was the most significant event in the MCU’s history. The Celestials’ potential actions and contributions to the franchise are intriguing, and while there may be multiple ways to counter them, none will be easy.

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