The MCU’s Second Snap Sped Up The Eternal’s Emergence

The Celestials have come to the MCU in a big way, but one thing that is being tossed about is how the Blip, or Snap, might have affected them since technically they are alive, and they could have been affected by Thanos’s actions, even if they do have something to do with the Infinity Stones. As the god-like beings of the MCU, the Celestials are looked upon as beings that can do nearly anything but are still capable of being defeated. Asking where they’ve been before the Guardians of the Galaxy would be hard to answer with anything other than the idea that they’d been exiled or destroyed at one point in cosmic history. That would have been enough to satisfy a lot of people, but since they’ve been highlighted in The Eternals, things have changed in a big way. At this time, it’s been surmised that the second Snap that was initiated by Bruce Banner might have made the Emergence, the anticipated birth of Tiamut and the destruction of the earth, occur that much sooner. To grasp the meaning behind this, one has to watch The Eternals, and since it’s already hit Disney+ I’m not going to worry too much about spoilers. 

The Emergence is the birth of a Celestial, which destroys the planet that houses them until they’re ready to emerge, and is a common practice of the Celestials as they create and destroy in turn, creating a cosmic balance that only they truly understand. As it was seen in The Eternals however, the band of super-powered beings didn’t believe that the destruction of the earth was necessary, no matter how many times they’d been through the same process in the past. Sersi, the Eternal that became the new leader after Ajak, the former leader and Prime Eternal was killed, decided to defy their master, Arishem and ended up killing Tiamut. What’s important however is to discover how the Emergence was helped, unwittingly, by the Avengers. 

Even if the Avengers had been well-informed about the Celestials, which there’s no evidence of, even if Nick Fury and SHIELD have managed to be ahead of many people within the MCU for a year now. This would mean that there wasn’t a second thought when it came to using the Infinity Stones to bring back everyone that had been snapped away by Thanos. But seeing how the Infinity Gauntlet was designed to eliminate half of ALL LIFE in the universe, it’s fair to say that the Snap might have eliminated Celestials along with mortals, and would have drastically altered the timeline of the Emergence, meaning that the world wouldn’t have been able to fuel the event. Had Thanos’s efforts not been reversed, it’s very possible that the Emergence would have been stalled for a while, and the earth would have been safe for a while longer. Some might decide to argue that the population would have increased exponentially once again in a matter of a few years, but the point is that by snapping away half of the universe, it’s possible that earth and even several other planets might have been saved for a while. 

But there’s also the question as to whether Arishem and his fellow Celestials had been snapped out of existence or if they were still around when the universe was cut in half. There are so many questions that arise when the Celestials are brought to mind that trying to answer them all is tough since they can take several different directions even while they all have something to do with the MCU. But when it comes to the Celestials and their tampering with worlds and the Emergence, the point is that as horrendous as it was, the Snap that saved the world, which only increases the whole idea of the phrase ‘Thanos was right’ that was seen in the Hawkeye series. Tangling up the ideas of right and wrong in the MCU isn’t a new occurrence since it’s bound to happen that morality and practicality will end up butting heads or tripping over each other as people continue to interact and values continue to override better sense. When it comes to the Celestials though, it’s fair to assume that things will continue to deepen as the mystery of who and what they are is unveiled bit by bit. 

It would be interesting to think that if there is an Eternals 2 that we’ll get to find out more about the Celestials and that we’ll be able to discover what their motives are when it comes to the rest of the MCU. The Blip/Snap is bound to continue its echo throughout Phase 4 since it was the biggest event to hit the MCU since its inception, but what the Celestials could do and what they’ll continue to bring to the franchise is intriguing enough to think that there might be several ways to fend them off, but none of them will be easy. 

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