Movie Recap: Ralph Breaks The Internet

Movie Recap: Ralph Breaks The Internet
Movie Recap: Ralph Breaks The Internet

Credit: Ralph Breaks the Internet

Ralph Breaks the Internet is a 2018 film produced by Disney intended to be a sequel to the first Wreck-It Ralph movie. Hence, it was also called as Wreck-It Ralph 2. The film follows the story of the tandem Ralph and Vanellope as they try to purchase a steering wheel to save Sugar Rush, Vanellope’s home game. However, it was not easy as the characters experienced wild happenings on the Internet and some insecurities they had to suppress.


Movie Recap: Ralph Breaks The Internet

credit: Ralph Breaks the Internet


Before the Internet

Ralph and Vanellope were doing fine as friends inside Litwak’s Arcade systems. However, Vanellope’s enthusiastic and outgoing attitude was no longer compatible with her home game, Sugar Rush. So he asked Ralph to create a new path for her to try something new.

He obliged and made a path in the candy terrain when Vanellope was approaching. Unfortunately, she went there alone, making those playing her character in the arcade lose control of her and try to steer the wheel very hard, accidentally removing it. The arcade manager tried to put the steering wheel back, but he unintentionally snapped it in half.

The players showed the manager a Sugar Rush steering wheel they found on eBay; however, due to its high cost, they just decided to shut the game down completely. This made the game’s citizens homeless.

Ralph and Vanellope ventured into the Internet through the Wi-Fi router to go to eBay and obtain the steering wheel.


Movie Recap: Ralph Breaks The Internet

credit: Ralph Breaks the Internet


On the Internet

The two went to the search engine KnowsMore which directed them to eBay. They found the steering wheel there. However, they had to win it in an auction-like setting from another person (represented as an online NPC character). They thought he who said the higher number before the time ran out would win. So to end the rose “the number” to 27,001.

They realized they had to pay for the item and only had 24 hours to pay, or they would forfeit the win. They met the clickbait advertiser Spamley, who promised them $40,000 for the legendary car of Shank – a character in a dangerous racing game, Slaughter Race.

Ralph and Vanellope went to Slaughter Race, where the latter seemingly enjoyed the unpredictable and exciting environment. They almost managed to steal the car, not until Shank’s team cornered them before they exited the game. Shank wasn’t even that mad and commended Vanellope’s driving skills. She told them that stealing was not the right way to go and suggested making funny viral videos on BuzzzTube to earn.

In BuzzTube, they met Yesss, probably the one managing the site. Yesss convinced them to make more videos to earn more. Vanellope volunteered to advertise his videos, but Ralph was insecure that she would return to Slaughter Race instead. So Ralph made Yesss send her to Oh My Disney instead.

She saw some Disney characters from different movies, such as Nick Wilde from Zootopia and Baymax from Big Hero 6. She was chased by stormtroopers and managed to escape by glitching to the room where some Disney princesses resided.

After his success, Ralph finally had enough money to buy the wheel, so he confirmed the purchase. However, when it was time to go home, he realized Vanellope had returned to Slaughter Race because she loved the environment there.

Afraid of not having Vanellope back, he asked for a virus from a shady dude on the dark web and released it in Slaughter Race, causing it to scan Vanellope’s glitchiness and replicate it throughout the game. Finally, Ralph rescued Vanellope, who revealed that he had released the virus. She got mad and took off the cookie medal she had made for him. However, the virus was still alive and replicated his insecurity over losing a friend.

This caused a lot of Ralph clones that want to catch Vanellope. The honest Ralph and Vanellope had Yesss send the malware Ralphs to an antivirus site, but they morphed into one clingy Ralph who just wanted Vanellope. The honest Ralph explained that he had to learn to let go to have a healthy friendship. This defeated the monstrous Ralph virus. Ralph fell into the Internet abyss, where the Disney princesses saved him from falling to his death.

In the end, Ralph waves Vanellope goodbye as she enters Slaughter Race.Wreck-It Ralph 2

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