This Logan and Miami Vice Mashup is Gold

This Logan and Miami Vice Mashup is Gold

This Logan and Miami Vice Mashup is Gold

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that make us happy.   Want to know of something simple?  The Miami Vice theme.  It’s incredibly simple, incredibly awesome and when you mix it with just about anything in the world, it makes that thing infinitely better.  So why not take that theme song and mash it up with the hottest movie in theaters in Logan?  Why I’m glad you asked because the fellas at The Wood Creek Faction decided to take clips from Logan and turn them into an 80s show introduction by the name of “Logan.”

There are mashup videos out there that are extremely complicated and for those I give total credit.  But then there are mashups like these that are just so simple in terms of “you know what would be cool?  THAT would be cool” that you have to appreciate someone actually making this thing real.

I can tell you right now that if this mashup were the actual trailer for the movie Logan I’d have seen this movie 50 time already.

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