We Could Very Well See an Anchorman 3

We Could Very Well See an Anchorman 3

It’s fair to state that some might groan when being given the news that another Anchorman movie might be possible, while some would definitely get excited since the idea is something that apparently has been kicked around by Adam McKay, even though he was one of those that thought that the idea was done and over with. It’s very easy to think that a story can be continued since those that are creative enough can make it happen and convince others that it might be a good idea. The cast of Anchorman appears to be in agreement that it would be a fun time and might make sense as well, but it might not happen for a while yet. Considering how long it took for the second movie to come out, it’s likely that the third movie, if it does happen, wouldn’t happen for another few years at least, and by that time it would be hopeful that those that are on board with the idea now would be up for it once again. But the better question is ‘why?’.

Anchorman became a cult classic at one point since the initial movie is something that fans of Will Ferrell glommed onto much like many of his other movies. In the spirit of honesty, I’ll say that I nearly turned the movie off after 15 minutes since it felt so insanely stupid at one point. Comedy doesn’t have a lot of boundaries, that much is true, and plenty of movies have been just as goofy as Anchorman if not far worse. But for some reason, there are people out there, myself included, that don’t think this idea was worth as much as it made from the start, and that the sequel was another run at the same strange humor that Ferrell tends to put together so often. Granted, many people love Will Ferrell, but all too often it would appear that he absolutely needs other comedians or great actors around him to do anything of value since otherwise his overplayed and over-the-top acting falls rather flat.

There are plenty of people who would argue with this since Ferrell has been one of the most loved comedians of our time, and many would defend that he has what it takes to stand toe to toe with a lot of actors, be they serious or comedic, but it’s not the case. He’s not the worst actor in the world to be fair and he’s taken on plenty of roles that have been highly effective. But he’s a supporting actor, not a lead, and too many people are ready to defend his spot as a lead without realizing that his best roles have come as a supporting actor in the past and that he’s able to cut loose far easier when he’s not the main character of the story. Bringing back Anchorman for a third movie feels like a cash grab at this point, even if it’s defended as a chance to further the story and possibly give fans what they want. That sounds cynical for a reason, as too many movies have been brought back over the years when they should have been allowed to rest rather than be presented once again with a lackluster story that would be mauled by the critics even as the fans made it appear successful out of the sheer curiosity that comes from wanting to see what a movie can offer.

Anchorman 3 would need to do something pretty great and innovative to make up for the slightly less than stellar reception the second movie delivered. But while hope and hype would no doubt be heaped upon the script and the cast, it still feels as though it would be another foray into mediocrity that wouldn’t pan out. Many people are likely already bound and determined to help make this happen with a petition or with the type of fan support that feels absolutely nuts after a while. But whether it will come about is something that will likely take a couple of years to find out, since if McKay is going to change his mind about the matter then it might be that he’ll change it back, or maybe not, it’s hard to say at this point.

Saying that any movie shouldn’t be made is never an easy thing, but it’s kind of necessary simply because giving in would put a lot of people on the hook to not only make it happen but to make it worthwhile since their reputation would be on the line as always when it comes to filmmaking and the many constituent parts that go into the process. Anchorman 3 doesn’t sound like it would be the end of anyone’s career, but it likely wouldn’t be a high point either. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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