“Game Over, Man” May Go Down as One of the Worst Movies Ever

If you got through more than ten to fifteen minutes of Game Over Man! then you have one of the sickest senses of humor imaginable or you were possibly stoned or drunk and thought it was hilarious. The reviews for the Netflix movie have been absolutely brutal so far and there’s a possibility that it could go down in history as one of the worst movies ever made and one of the worst ideas ever allowed for a movie. Here are just a few reviews concerning the Netflix original:

“…a step-up from Netflix’s Adam Sandler flicks — but not by much … It’s dumb — but not in a good way — and it’s just another disposable straight-to-Netflix movie. – JoBlo

“This almost laugh-free comedy, a Netflix Original directed by Kyle Newacheck, is distinguished by a relentless level of outrageous yet strangely listless vulgarity. There are several penis jokes, including one requiring a high level of exposure on Mr. Devine’s part. Several characters die gorily, prompting other characters to make observations like “He is full-on spaghetti and meat sauce.” There is a “why am I watching this” analingus sight “gag.” The genuinely amusing comedian Joel McHale makes a cameo appearance in this mess. I hope that’s because he lost a bet.”– New York Times

“If it is not taxing enough to sit through the medley of puerile humour and obnoxious d**k jokes, the frequency with which the makers of this film keep blowing up bodies (both human and otherwise, believe it or not) – and that too in such excruciatingly gory detail – is frankly exhausting. By the end, you feel like you are going to throw up … In the end, Game Over, Man! is a disgusting gore fest and tasteless buffoonery in the garb of comedy that relentlessly keeps dealing blow after blow to your finer sensibilities throughout its 100-minute length.” – Firstpost

Even for a film that many didn’t expect much from this is absolute carnage on the critic scale when it comes to just how truly loathed a movie can be. The fact that The Room was so horrible that people laughed is amazing but this was something that people couldn’t even laugh at and had to force themselves to watch just to see if it got any better throughout the length of the film. Obviously it didn’t since the scathing reviews haven’t stopped yet. But honestly it seems to have earned this kind of critical rebuke since throughout the entirety of the movie the lead cast members really don’t do much except make wisecracks about their junk and almost completely rip off Die Hard in various different ways.

This is basically what you get when you have a bunch of actors that love action movies and decide to make their own film that emulates that genre in a way that is supposed to be funny but forgets to add that key ingredient that is so badly needed to make people laugh. Quite honestly this has to be one of the worst films that Netflix has unveiled in a while, and they’ve had some true doozies in the past couple of years.

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