“The First Purge” Trailer Shows How “The Purge” Originally Began

The Purge franchise is now on its fourth movie. However, the fourth movie is interesting in that it will be a prequel to the previous three movies rather than a follow-up. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that it will be focusing on how the titular event came into existence.

What Did the Trailer For The First Purge Reveal?

Recently, a trailer was released for The First Purge, which was much what interested individuals would’ve expected from the upcoming movie. In short, the party called the New Founding Fathers of America is testing out the idea that letting people vent their most violent impulses on an annual basis will result in them being better-behaved throughout the rest of the time rather than something more probable such as, say, encouraging more violent impulses as well as reverting law-based society to an older model based on the promise of retaliation. As a result, the test will be taking place in a single town, where there are people moving to oppose the initiative.

However, the trailer makes it clear that the odds are stacked against those seeking to stand up against the Purge. For example, there are soldiers pretending to be pro-Purge citizens urging on those who haven’t made up their minds. Furthermore, we know from the rest of the movies that the practice spreads from this point forward, meaning that the outcome of the movie is foregone. Regardless, other marketing material has stated that The First Purge will see the practice spread as a result of a clash between the oppressors and the oppressed, which is the sort of premise that encourages cynicism because of the ease with which it could be mishandled.

Still, however The First Purge will turn out in the end, interested individuals should give it a look so that they can make up their own minds about whether it will be worth watching or not.

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