We Admit We’re Glad Jennifer Aniston Didn’t Play Wonder Woman

It’s with a sigh of relief that I agree with Jessica Fisher of GeekTyrant when stating that trying to see Jennifer Aniston a Wonder Woman, even when she was younger and might have been able to contend for the role, just doesn’t sound like it would have worked. For one she doesn’t have the right look, she doesn’t come off as a tough person, and she certainly doesn’t appear to be the type that, even when in great shape, would be able to take on the role. Some might have said that about Linda Carter too (I know, hush up on that one since it’s bound to cause controversy) but they’d have been wrong on so many levels since people still remember Carter as one of the best representations of the Amazonian princess to this day. The fact that Gal Gadot has stepped into the role and made it her own is great for many people since it’s not only filled the role, but it’s brought on a bit of importance to women in cinema as well since Wonder Woman/Diana is a truly powerful woman in more than one way that has been inspiring ladies since the movie came out in 2017.

Jennifer Aniston is a great actress and has shown as much throughout the years by being one of the most popular actresses on Friends and then going on to make movies and star in other shows that have done well and allowed her to keep pushing her particular style to a new extreme. She’s also been seen as a very classy lady thanks to the many commercials and causes she’s championed over the years and to put it simply she’s been nothing but awesome in a lot of ways that people really appreciate. But she’s not really superhero material, at least not in this sense. Even as a younger woman when she had a desire to play the character it’s likely better that she went towards other projects and did more comedy simply because putting her in the suit would have been a big mistake. There have been plenty of heroes that have been cast throughout the years that have flopped in a big way and adding her name to the list might have been kind of hard to see. Instead she had the chance to star in the first Leprechaun movie, she ended up being on Friends, and she’s had a stellar career well away from the superhero genre for many years, which has served her well. Some people just aren’t cut out for the superhero life since they either don’t have the look or have talents that run towards other genres. Aniston has been far more comedic in her roles throughout the years though she’s done plenty of drama as well, but being Wonder Woman was thankfully never in the cards.

It’s yet to see if even Kristen Wiig will be able to really light up the screen when she appears in the next Wonder Woman movie since she too has been more of a comedic actress in her career than anything and despite her role in Ghostbusters 2016 there really wasn’t much of a difference between that and any other comedy role she’s taken on. Unless Wonder Woman 1984 is going to have comedic elements to it, which it just might in a few spots here and there, it’s likely that this is going to be a real test of Wiig’s ability to conform to something that’s not strictly comedy, and something that will require her to focus on sex appeal more than anything since if anyone researches Cheetah then they’ll find that the character isn’t really known for wearing much and that her appearance is bound to set some of the viewers to raising their eyebrows if the character is anything faithful to the comics. It might sound a bit piggish, but Aniston could accomplish the sex appeal part even now since she’s still in great shape and has no problem being quite appealing on screen. But the rest of it, the more important aspects of actually playing the part, not so much.

At this point it’s moot anyway since it will never happen as she’s more focused on a career that’s been building for years now and has finally culminated into something of a legacy that she’s currently trying to keep moving forward. The chance to become a superhero has come and gone without much possibility of it ever happening and it’s safe to say that a lot of people might never realize that she even wanted the part to begin with. Folks are likely happy to keep thinking that she’s been set towards comedy and drama for a long time now and this is where she’s most comfortable. After all, it’s been where she’s found the most success.

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