Wait, Now Hugh Jackman is Coming Back as Wolverine?

Wait, Now Hugh Jackman is Coming Back as Wolverine?
Hugh Jackman Returning As Wolverine In 'Deadpool 3', Marvel Pic Has Release  Date – Deadline

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This is why it’s tough to believe an actor when they say that they’re done. Well, that and the fact that Cameron Diaz made a return after she’d stated that she was retired. It might not be a serious breach of trust on the part of the actors involved, but it could be seen as kind of confusing since Hugh Jackman made a rather convincing ending in Logan. Despite Ryan Reynolds jabbering on about a Wolverine/Deadpool movie and the idea that fans might like it, trying to reason how this is going to happen is kind of confusing until one recalls that messing with timelines is now standard practice in the movies or rather, it has been for a while since trying to keep things the way they’ve been for so long isn’t really the norm any longer. It’s tough to say that it’s not exciting at all to think about Jackman returning, at least for one more movie, but believing that he’s going to stick around for any longer than that is a bit naive. The guy has been playing the role for two decades. It’s simpler to think that he’s coming back because it makes sense to do so at this time. At this time, it feels that a lot of people will be glad to see him, but as it’s already been noted, fans always want more. 

Hugh Jackman is Back as Wolverine in 'Deadpool 3' - Bell of Lost Souls

credit: Deadpool

How the two of them meet up in the movie should be interesting. 

It’s enough to make a person wonder if any shred of the Origins timeline is going to be used or if this meeting will be new and a little more natural than the manner in which they were slammed together for the ill-fated movie that tried to bring us Gambit, the Blob, and Sabertooth as well. Most people can admit that this storyline wasn’t rock bottom, but it wasn’t good. Wolverine and Deadpool have known of each other for a while now in the comics, and the two have been at odds for long enough that they know how to deal with each other, at least temporarily. But if the edge is given to either of them in this upcoming movie, it’s fair to say that someone is bound to be showing favoritism. There are a few different storylines that could be used even with the Days of Future Past fallout that some feel the need to talk about, as these two characters are versatile enough in their history and fully capable of sharing an adventure on the fly if the writers are down for it. 

Be ready for the one-liners and snappy comebacks. 

I mean really, this is Deadpool, so it should be expected that he’s going to be popping off at the mouth as much as possible, especially when it comes to the two main characters that are known to really dislike each other. To date, a movie with Deadpool in it isn’t really complete until one gets to hear Wade snapping off one line after another that’s laden with comedy and the type of sarcasm that only Ryan Reynolds can deliver with a straight face. A lot of people have missed Logan on the big screen, but it’s bound to happen that he’ll be the old, rather grumpy man, while Wade is bound to be the wisecracking merc like always. 

credit: Deadpool 2

There are a lot of villains to pick from when it comes to this duo. 

Who’s going to show up on the villain’s end for this movie is kind of hard to think about since the two characters have shared a few enemies, and some of them are definitely due a shot on the big screen. It’s already been stated that Lady Death won’t be showing up in the movies, but it’s fair to say that saying never is not a good habit when it comes to Marvel. There are such enemies as Omega Red, Madcap, Stryfe (especially if Cable returns), and many others that the two have faced on their own. One thing that those who have been around the X-Men or X-Force comics never lack is enemies, especially when it comes to insanely powerful enemies. They need to have a challenge to live up to, after all. 

It does feel as though this movie should be something special, like Logan. 

Whether Logan rides off into the sunset, so to speak, or dies yet again, perhaps, it should be a momentous event that allows people to say goodbye again, even if people might think that this would be cruel and unusual. But Wolverine dying because his healing factor is weakened doesn’t sound like a death worthy of one of the most famous characters that Marvel has ever produced. If this is an end to Wolverine, it needs to be epic. 

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