Violinist Plays Full Orchestra Princess Leia Theme Solo During Quarantine

A skilled violin solo is always a joy to listen to since anyone that knows what they’re doing on such an instrument can make it sing in a voice that’s just as sweet as any singer could possibly be. In the process of creating Leia Organa’s music however this is pretty well done and it’s easy to picture Carrie Fisher in the role of the iconic princess in A New Hope, the movie that helped make her such a great character within the franchise and helped launch a few people into the roles that would make them legends in pop culture. Much as it might have been thought, and still is, by a lot of people back in the day and now, Princess Leia is still somehow looked at as a damsel in distress in the first movie, and her music is the kind of epic tune that one would expect to hear attached to a character that is somehow strong deep down but on the surface is regarded as delicate and somehow fragile. Most of us at least can admit that her grace and elegance don’t really hide the grit and determination that Princess Leia was born with and cultivated throughout her life. The only reason she was seen as a damsel in distress was that she couldn’t exactly fight against Darth Vader at the time. Just imagine if she’d known of her capability with the Force and had been able to use it. Vader likely still would have won, but she would have put up a fight unlike many the dark lord of the Sith had seen in some time, and anyone that knows anything about Vader knows that he’s been through some serious scraps.

The whole ‘damsel in distress’ role has never really belonged to Princess Leia however, as the moment she’s allowed to speak it’s kind of obvious that she’s strong-willed, ready to fight back, and yes, extremely feisty. Upon reading the books a lot of people might find that she’s tough as nail no matter what age she is and no matter which canon they read, but as it happens she’s been a senator for much of her life in the EU and only begins training as a Jedi when her children are grown and a true threat comes to the galaxy. In the current canon she began training when she was still fairly young, and can likely be called a master, or at least as close to it as possible before her passing. But one thing she isn’t is a damsel in distress, as she’s been hardened through the act of war and by the simple dint of surviving situations that might have driven other people, weaker-minded people, to either snap or just give up and run away. Her music doesn’t speak of a weak woman that is ready to sit down and be rescued, but instead it brings to mind the image of a strong-willed individual that’s ready to throw down in any way she can to fight the injustice that took her home and the lives of so many away from her and others throughout the galaxy. She was without any doubt the kind of woman that was ready to take up a blaster or a lightsaber and deal with things in the moment whenever possible, but she was also a diplomat, and as a result she wasn’t quite as fiery-tempered as her brother Luke. Megan Crouse of Den of Geek has more to say about Leia.

There are plenty of stories alluding to how Leia was a bit troublesome growing up and caused her parents a bit of grief now and then, but she also learned how to navigate her way through the Galactic Senate much as her father did and also learned who she could trust and who to avoid. Where Luke was more intuitive in the Force, Leia relied heavily on empathy and an ability to read people and situations. Luke was the one that charged forward, she was the one that assessed the situation, a byproduct of her time in the senate as well as the Force as it flowed through her unknowingly. She might have suspected that she was different in some way, but for a long time Leia had no idea that she was Force-sensitive, as by the time she’d grown old enough to learn about the Jedi the Empire had already assumed full control of the galaxy and the Order was little more than a memory. But that didn’t stop her from being ready to bring justice back to a system that had been corrupted long before she’d been born, no matter the sacrifice or the loss that was incurred. It’s not everyone that can say that they lost a home world, but somehow, despite enduring things that would crush anyone else, Princess Leia became one of the toughest individuals in pop culture, EVER.

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