A Rockin’ Out “In the Hall of the Mountain King” Triangle Orchestra Solo

Obviously I missed that GEICO commercial the first time around, but it was amusing at least. I do hope that more people don’t wonder why triangle solo’s really haven’t taken off as of yet. It’s an instrument that can be taken to different levels and given a place in an orchestra and yet it’s still not given that much respect for a simple reason, it’s also a tool that was used to signal meal times on homesteads. When you think about the fact that you’re basically ringing the same kind of device that was used to announce that chow was ready it should tend to humble a person a bit. But for the sake of the commercial this was pretty comical. I don’t think a lot of people would expect a triangle solo in the middle of In The Hall of the Mountain King.

Sometimes watching commercials on TV can be a funny experience, and at others it can make you cringe and wonder just how much money got wasted for this spot. Perhaps the worst of them would be those that are broadcast during events where the monetary price for each commercial is so astronomically high that screwing up or creating something essentially unworthy of the spot is a major faux pas that you could just barely stomach.  A good example is Superbowl Sunday. The price for airing those ads runs tremendously high and that’s why if you’re going to run a commercial during that event then it had better be worth every penny and be able to get people thinking about your product and possibly talking about the commercial for some time to come.

GEICO hasn’t had a lot of commercial flops over the last few years but a few of them have been real head scratchers when you try to figure out just how they’re attempting to link the beginning content to their product. The GEICO gecko was a creation that some people didn’t get at first despite the fact that it was explained more than once during the little mascot’s initial run with the company. They might still use him in reruns from time to time but it seems like they might be transitioning to the type of commercials that those who made the performance below emulated.

Breaking into a solo with a triangle would have to take a lot of nerve or not a lot of brains, or both. The range of the triangle after all is something that really can’t be adequately explained without having to stop and compose yourself after bursting out laughing a few times. Honestly, even if it classifies as an instrument it’s the equivalent of being a benchwarmer for a sports team, you might be there but chances are you won’t be getting a lot of action. Busting out of the norm however and doing your own thing  is interesting since most people might start looking at you funny for having the temerity to think that a triangle sounds that great on its own.

But in terms of re-creating a commercial by one of the more well known companies in America these folks did a great job.


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