Video Asks If We Should End Aging Forever

Video Asks If We Should End Aging Forever

So how is the cessation of aging not a denial of death? I understand how it can be seen as a stalling tactic, as a means of giving someone a few extra years of life, but there’s no denying that regardless of what anyone says, it is a defiance of the natural order in which the human race has existed for a very long time. There’s no denying the fact that many people would in fact choose to live longer if they could. But 120 to 200 years old is pushing it. Added onto that is the fact that some people would want to keep on living even after that span, and would no doubt increase the age limit once again if such means were found. So should we end aging forever? In my opinion it’s a gigantic, glow in the dark, neon-colored, NO.

Aging can be horrifying for some, particularly those that are shallow enough to think that aging means the end of life as they know it. However there is one issue that we must raise if we’re really going to be honest. How in the world would that work for over-crowding? Would people past a certain age not be allowed to have children any long? Would there be allowances made for over-crowding in certain areas? Are there going to be colonization attempts on the moon, on other planets, to avoid using up the earth entirely? There are a lot of other questions that go into this dilemma that have less to do with the actual aging process that’s being discussed.

But in terms of the science behind it I’m a bit torn. Scientific research is all about figuring out just what makes our environment and our own bodies tick. Unfortunately what this means is that once those things are discovered and figured out humanity will want to find a way to share it, exploit it, and market it so that those who can afford it and are the most desperate for it can purchase it and perhaps benefit from it. Not happy that you’ll die someday? Here’s a miracle pill that will grant you another hundred or more years.

To be quite honest I felt my stomach churn just a bit after that sentence. The gall that people have to think that they can actually halt the aging process, even for a few years, is the type of arrogance that mankind has unfortunately become known for. No matter how a person ages it is a natural part of life and a very much needed natural balance that needs to continue unabated if the human race and the world we occupy is to remain viable enough for future generations to enjoy and endure.

Humans were not meant to be immortal or even particularly long-lived. We’re born, we grow, we live, and in time we pass on just as so many others have done throughout the long period of time that our world has been around. It’s not conforming to accept this, it’s simply recognizing that everything in this world has a place and time, and that when the reaper decides to smile at you one last time then it’s time to smile in welcome and greet death as an old friend, not as an enemy to be feared.

Aging is not a curse, it is a part of the life we are given.

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