Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 20 Review: “Chapter Twenty”

Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 20 Review: “Chapter Twenty”

Jane the Virgin

After last week’s double whammy of break-ups, I wasn’t sure I could bear to watch Jane the Virgin this week. There was plenty of other drama to keep everyone interested, though, including one final gut-wrenching twist.

After getting dumped last week, Xiomara and Jane are in rough spots. Xo being Xo, obsesses, while Jane decides to take the practical approach and focus on the baby. Unfortunately, the baby is choosing not to be easy on its mom, since he or she is breech, and shows no sign of turning. Still lying to Jane about how he feels about her, Rafael can only be there for Jane insofar as it pertains to the baby. That situation changes when Rafael has to play literal referee between Jane and Petra regarding the “Murderous Magda” situation (What? The narrator did it).

Even though Alba finally remembered Petra’s mother pushing her down the stairs, she doesn’t want to press charges. Alba is too nervous that her immigration status would come up and she could be deported, so she asks Jane to leave it alone. Petra’s mom ends up getting a job at the Marbella, and Jane realizes she can’t sweep the problem under the rug. She and Alba finally tell Xo what happened, who in turn reveals another truth that Michael helped Alba out of an immigration problem once before. Michael jumps into Super Duper Detective mode once again to prove that Magda pushed Alba down the stairs. However, since Magda and Petra have to hide the fact that they had a hostage in their room, they both need to lie through their teeth to keep Michael from finding out. Magda makes a fatal mistake, though, when she later taunts Jane with Alba’s immigration status. It only fuels the fire in Jane, and she does eventually find proof that Ivan was in Petra’s room the night of the awards. Jane thinks she’s bested Petra, but Petra’s ex-boyfriend Milos works everything out so that no one will ever know the truth.

Rogelio’s personal life may be taking a huge hit, but his professional life just got an upgrade. His former show, The Passions of Santos, has had terrible ratings since they fired him, so Rogelio’s former boss Dina comes baring cupcakes (with Rogelio’s face on them, of course) to hire Rogelio back. Rogelio regains his former glory, but he is still unwilling to forgive Xiomara for her indiscretion,, mostly because his first wife cheated on him in a very public way. The only thing he and Xiomara can agree on from this point forward is that they will no longer put their daughter in the middle. Who would have thought that Alba’s love life would be making more progress than that of her daughter and granddaughter (even if it is with a priest)?

If all of this wasn’t enough drama, why not add a wrestling match in a hotel lounge to the mix? Luisa has finally returned to town from her ashram with a new, more relaxed look and a new pro wrestler girlfriend. They come up with the idea for the Marbella to have a wrestling match to bring in a quick influx of cash to cover the hotel’s quickly accruing loans. The event is a success, but Rafael’s level of frustration with his life has only been mounting. When he can no longer keep everything bottled up inside, Luisa proves herself to be a good shoulder for her brother to lean on. After hearing everything that has happened, Luisa shows Rafael that giving up Jane was the wrong move (although thousands of #TeamRafael fans could have told him the same thing). He may already be too late to fix things, though. With Michael closing in on Jane, and Petra manipulating Rafael so that she can have another shot with him, their exes are making it very difficult for Jane and Rafael to fix things between them. The situation reaches its breaking point when Rafael sides with Petra over Jane on Magda’s innocence, and Jane decides that she is going to fight for full custody of the baby.

It’s going to be a rough last few weeks until Jane gives birth. Let’s buckle up.

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