Veep Season 4 Episode 9 Review: “Testimony”


The ninth episode of Veep Season 4 shows from the get go that the audience is going to be treated to a rare episode, one that proves to be just as enjoyable, if not more, than those that have preceded it, which is a lot to say considering the work of art the HBO comedy is.

Something that makes Veep special is that the audience is invited to see Selina and her entourage in all their glory and chaos. We have access to their constant scrambling, their intimate conversations, their plotting, and their very many Hail Marys. In a spectacular fashion, the show has always been a parade of disasters, a constant exposure of political dirty laundry. In this episode, there is a shift. Following the data breach and the intentional sinking of the “Mommy Bill,” two events that have been developed throughout the season, the Meyer administration has to finally face the music and answer questions from Congress. However, the actions are not displayed like they normally would be; instead, the events are showcased from the perspective of the footage that immortalizes them. Therefore, both the style and point of view that have characterized Veep for four seasons take a break, one I didn’t know could be so welcomed and delicious. “Testimony” felt like a different breed of the same amazing animal.

Every single aide Selina has, plus Amy, Dan, and Catherine, must testify regarding the breach and the illegal lobbying against the bill, two incidents that incriminate each end every one of the characters and threaten not only the POTUS’s current mandate but especially her campaign. As one by one, they swear in, one thing is clear: the cover-up must continue. To that effect, everyone either lies, deflects the questions at hand, or shows how inadequate they are at their jobs, actions that, once again, serve as clear proof of how solid each character and their respective performers are. There is a sense of identity in each testimony, in every strategy to wiggle out of trouble. At the end of the day, naturally, one head must roll, and it is Bill Ericsson’s.

Even though yet a new scapegoat has been found successfully, this week’s Veep doesn’t necessarily hinge on the solution. Instead, “Testimony” offers enough room and screen time for everyone to shine and for characters to remember why, in spite of how flawed Team Meyer is, that they are all part of it; even though they seem to always be close to hitting an iceberg, they never do. In doing that, the episode is a good reminder as to why we like these characters so much and why we stay with them no matter what. They are efficient at being inefficient, and they do make a good team when they work together, in spite of the many hot potatoes they juggle. They shine at being an epic mess, and as an audience, we have embraced the madness.


– The Jonad file was simply priceless and surely elicited throaty laughter from the public.

– Amy’s wardrobe showed once more not just how smart the former Campaign Manager is, but also that she will pull at every stop in order to save her own skin.

– The dialogue. This might be a super vague highlight, yet there were so many memorable (read hilarious) lines that I cannot overlook the mention.

[Photo credit: Patrick Harbron/HBO]

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