10 Things You Didn’t Know about Varun Tej

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Varun Tej

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Varun Tej

Many people are unfamiliar with Varun Tej. It’s not that he’s not talented. It’s that he’s an Indian film actor famous on the other side of the world. He’s not been in the press in America very often, so many Americans are unfamiliar with the actor. However, he recently tested positive for COVID-19, and he’s been in the press thanking his fans and those who don’t even know him for their good wishes and their concern. He’s doing just fine, and he’s happy to report that he’s thankful and grateful for all the lessons the year 2020 taught him, and now people want to know more about him.

1. He’s Only 30

He might have a long history of famous work behind him, but he’s managed to accomplish all of it by the age of 30. He’s done a wonderful job of being someone who is able to get his life in order, who is able to work hard and dedicate his time to his craft, and he’s done it all in a short time. He was born on January 19, 1990. He’s just a few days from his 31st birthday.

2. He’s Got a Famous Family

Varun Tej comes from a long line of famous people. His father is Nagendra Babu, a famous producer and actor. He is the nephew of two actors, he has a famous actress for a younger sister. He has famous cousins. He’s got famous people in his life everywhere. The talent apparently runs quite deep in his blood.

3. He’s College Educated

He has a great education overall, to be honest. He attended the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. Then he went on to further his education at a place called St. Mary’s College, which is also in Hyderabad. He’s got an education, and he’s using his time wisely.

4. He’s Got COVID

Both he and his own brother were diagnosed around the same time, and they are both doing just fine. They have been on social media making sure their friends and followers know that they are feeling much better, doing well, and on their way to making a full recovery after being ill.

5. He’s Handling Himself Well

Varun Tej is handling his COVID diagnosis and recovery the same way I handled my flu diagnosis in 2019 after becoming horribly ill. I spent 10 days unable to get out of bed, unable to move, and unable to do anything other than cry because it was miserable. I’ve had the flu twice in my life, and both times it was that bad. I did what he’s doing. Laid in bed, watching movies. Slept, my husband forced me to eat soup and drink water, and I rested. It’s what he’s doing, too, and he’s getting better.

6. He Surrounds Himself With Good

He once told the press that there is bad in every industry, but that he works very hard to ensure that he surrounds himself with people who are positive and do the right thing. He doesn’t seem overly interested in spending his time with people who aren’t doing the same.

7. He’s Private

He’s not really a man who gives too much away. He seems good with who he is and what he is up to in his life. He seems to be very happy keeping a level of privacy in a world where so many people don’t have that, and he is not going to sacrifice that.

8. He Has Range as an Actor

Varun Tej is a man with range. In many of his roles, he plays a tough guy. However, he’s also taken on roles that show a much more vulnerable side to his life, and he is very good with that. He enjoys spending his time focusing on being the best of the best, and he does that each chance he gets.

9. He Admires Actors

In an industry in which everyone wants to climb to the top and be the most famous, the most booked, the most recognizable, he’s made sure that he stands out. He recognizes that there is an abundance of talent and skill in his industry, and he knows that he has to work even harder to ensure he does stand out and that he does make it his goal to be the best.

10. He’s Close to His Family

Family is to him, like it is to so many of us, the best and most important thing. They are the people he loves to spend time with, and he’s always been close to them. It’s a lovely thing to love your family and want to spend time with them.

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