The Ultimate Harry Potter Fan Theory Medley

This Harry Potter fan medley is something that you might think shows that fans have way too much to think about when it comes to their movies, but a few of them actually make sense. Ron and Dumbledore being the same person however is bit of a stretch even though it seems to be a very well-accepted theory that is made so by time-traveling and the obvious nature of Dumbledore’s many tricks and eccentric ways. There are still plot holes that are simply too wide to jump across and are extremely hard to explain, which is why Potter fans are at times kind of ridiculed for going a little too far into depth when it comes to the books and the movies.

The author is the only one that’s really going to know what’s going on in the story and to be fair it kind of needs to stay that way. That way the fans can theorize about whatever they want and the author can keep her secrets and simply respond to the fans’ inquiries in any way she pleases so long as she satisfies them in some way. It wouldn’t matter if she gave them the honest truth or just continued to string them along, people would continue to draw their own conclusions about the story and make up theories that they firmly believe the author was trying to get at. That’s the fun part of writing, people will look for meaning in the work no matter if the author means for it to happen that way or if they’re simply writing for the fun of it to see what people will do. Those that read a story, a book, or even just an excerpt tend to think of many different ways to interpret the wording, the settings, and everything else they can notice in order to make what they’re reading make sense to them.

Of course what this means is that there are always going to be disagreements about what’s happening and what might seem one way to some fans and another way to others. People won’t ever agree entirely on some things but it’s safe to say that they’ll at least agree to keep discussing the theories they’ve come up with to make sense of them all and find a compromise that works for everyone. Meanwhile, the story sits as it always has without changing a single bit, as though it’s just waiting for someone to bother to interpret it in another manner yet again. What’s really amusing are those fans that think they know the story better than the author and can somehow read the author’s mind. That’s a rather dangerous proposition even for those that are of a like mind with the author since the truth of it is that many authors have stories in their head that are more like twisting pathways that either lead nowhere or into pits of madness that even they don’t visit all that often.

Fans might think they know everything there is to know about a franchise, but really the author is the only one that could tell the whole truth, and sometimes it’s better to savor the mystery.

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