Scenes That Never Made it Into the Final Cut of “Grease”

Scenes That Never Made it Into the Final Cut of “Grease”

Scenes That Never Made it Into the Final Cut of “Grease”

It’s kind of fun to find out hidden tidbits concerning some of your favorite films that you never knew about when they start to age and spill their secrets just a little more. Grease is just one of many films whose final cut managed to exclude a good number of deleted scenes that were deemed as unneeded for the final film and were left behind. While a few of them might have been interesting to see it’s fair to say that they might have changed the whole composition of the film if they’d been done the way the director originally wanted them and could have caused a much different reaction to the movie. People won’t ever know just how such things could have turned out since the way they are now is basically the way that people remember them. But it’s still fun to imagine.

A few scenes in Grease that might have been different include:

The rumor about Carrie Fisher auditioning for the role of Sandy.

This is something that came out a while back and was thought to be kind of an oddity but never panned out to be much of anything really. There was no audition and no way that Carrie Fisher would have ever been named as Sandy. Her fame at that point was already becoming something equally solid thanks to her appearance in Star Wars the year before. At that point she didn’t need this role to remain popular as the role of Princess Leia had already immortalized her. Still, the rumor mill does churn out the occasional dud that people still want to follow.

Raining on Prom Night as a reference to Singing In The Rain.

This would have been seen as kind of controversial since it would have depicted Sandy, Olivia Newton-John, walking through the rain while the downpour steadily ruined her makeup and gave her a rather dejected look. This was eventually KO’d in the decision-making process since no one save the person that came up with the idea wanted to be responsible for making Olivia look bad in any way. The image that would have been presented in this day and age would have been just fine as it might have created some drama and even a bit of realism to the character. But back then there was no way that anyone wanted to see the female lead in such a dejected manner.

A Ben-Hur-like race instead of the LA River.

The director really wanted to see something in the style of Ben-Hur when it came to final drag race, but was told without compromise that there was no way it could happen. The props he would have wanted would have cost too much and the idea was nixed anyway when he saw how the LA River race managed to do away with anything he might have come up with. In many ways the drag race was perfect for the location and for the time.

Sometimes deleted scenes are better off staying deleted just because they wouldn’t make a lot of sense in the movie.

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