The Five Best Cillian Murphy Movies of His Career

The Five Best Cillian Murphy Movies of His Career

Cillian Murphy

Interestingly enough Cillian Murphy didn’t want to become an actor at first, as he wanted to be a rock star and then wanted to just party and have a good time. It wouldn’t be until a bit later in life that he decided that acting was the thing for him and that he would take it seriously. It’s a fortunate thing he did since there are only a few people that can come on screen and send chills up and down the spine of the audience as he can. His dead-eye look and the cold, aloof manner he usually brings to a role are absolutely terrifying at times since he can seem like the most coldblooded killer in one moment and then turn around and act like the best friend in a movie. That kind of skill might qualify him as a sociopath in the real world, but on screen it makes for a great act that is hard to pass up on.

Here are a few of his best movies so far.

5. Red Eye

Ever notice that assassins in the movies tend to wast a little too much time talking and not enough time doing? That seems to be the idea behind it all, giving the victims enough time to fight back in order to end the movie on a high note. But in this particular movie Lisa does her best to fight back and seems to be gaining the upper hand at times only for Jackson to come springing back in order to remind her that she’s not quite as strong as she thinks. Once she arrives home to save her father however she finally has some backup and thankfully the movie ends with her and her father surviving and the assassin being taken out.

4. In Time

This had the potential to be a great movie if the plot would have been developed just a bit more and the characters given a little more depth. A world in which no one ages past 25 is something that a lot of people would probably look at and say ‘nope’, especially when it comes to the fact that the only way you survive is to work your butt off for more time. This also brings into play the the idea that the rich have all the time in the world thanks to their fortunes while the poor have to exist on minutes and hours, not months, years, decades, and so on. Even as one of the good guys in this movie though he was kind of hard to accept as a friendly face, as he was continually trying to outfox the main protagonist.

3. Inception

This movie seriously make a person question whether or not they really know what’s going on inside their own head. A lot of people might say of course they do, while others might admit that they know enough and that’s good for them. But when you work in a business that has to do with retrieving, implanting, and simply discovering memories within a person’s mind you can’t help but think that things could get a bit messy and a little bit dangerous since each individual mind has a defense system that will actively try to repel intruders, just like an immune system attempting to expel a virus.

2. 28 Days Later

When it comes to zombie films this one was quite a bit different. They weren’t exactly zombies in the same sense that a lot of us might think of them, but they weren’t human anymore either since something had taken hold of them and turned all the infected into mindless creatures that were only bent on creating more like them. One thing is interesting though, they didn’t eat anyone, they simply kept spreading the virus around as more and more of the infected were created. Plus, the infected do start to starve to death, making one wonder just what they do consume since it’s never shown that they consume flesh. Instead they just begin to wither away as the instinct to feed seems to have deserted them.

1. Batman Begins

His stint as the Scarecrow was interesting since he wasn’t the main character but he was someone that caused a great deal of damage and did show up whenever it was inconvenient for Batman and anyone else. How many people can say they’ve put Batman on his heels without getting physical? Scarecrow might not be the most physically-imposing character but his intelligence and his very devious nature make him one of the hardest to figure out up until Batman dosed him before going on to save the city. Dr. Crane was definitely a disturbed individual, but he was also one of the more effective villains in this trilogy.

Cillian has a way about him that seems to scream ‘villain’ but he’s managed to play a protagonist fairly well throughout his career.

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