Ultimate Beastmaster is Sylvester Stallone’s Answer to Ninja Warrior

Ultimate Beastmaster is Sylvester Stallone’s Answer to Ninja Warrior

It seems that more than once a day we’re reading news about Netflix producing a new show, special, movie, something, anything.  In its latest foray into dominating the entire media world, Netflix is now coming out with their version of the obstacle course themed show Ninja Warrior.  However, this one’s got a twist.  It’s being executive produced by none other than Sylvester Stallone.  According to Geekologie:

The show debuts on Netflix February 24th and will feature 108 competitors from six different countries (the US, South Korea, Mexico, Brazil, Germany and Japan) trying to complete an obstacle course inside the belly of a giant metal dragon beast. It looks almost identical to Ninja Warrior, except with different obstacles.

Truth be told this show looks identical to Ninja Warrior but that never stopped Burger King from opening when there was a McDonald’s right?  Deep Impact came after Armageddon and audiences still watched that one right? Perhaps upping the obstacle course game and giving it a more movie like violent twist could propel the show past Ninja Warrior.

Only time will tell but Netflix users will be sure to check this one out.  We’ve got the official trailer for you below:

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