10 Things You Didn’t Know About Tymberlee Hill

Tymberlee Hill

Tymberlee Hill became popular when she appeared on “Hotwives” in 2014. She appeared in the role of Phe Phe Reed in the sitcom and her character was well-received by fans. She has a large group of admirers who are interested in knowing more about her both professionally and in her personal life. To satisfy the craving for more information about the actress, here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about Tymberlee Hill.

1. Tymberlee’s career launched in 2006

Hill made her debut as a professional actress in the television series “Numbers.” She appeared in the role of an FBI Tech and Junior agent for three episodes between 2006 through 2009. This was a minor role but it gave her a foot in the door and some much-needed exposure as an emerging actress.

2. She’s a native of Virginia and is formally trained in acting

Tymberlee was raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She attended George Washington University at the Shakespeare Theatre’s Academy for Classical Acting. She put in the time and effort to become formally trained as a classically trained stage actor. This is an impressive fact about her that many of her fans are not aware of. She received her graduate degree from the prestigious school in 2003.

3. She is also a stage actress

Tymberlee moved to Los Angeles, California. There she performed at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. This is where she received her start in more regular acting jobs. Hill still continues to perform at the theater when time allows. It’s been a part of her early acting career and she not only has a fondness of stage acting, but it’s also something that she is very good at. She’s a funny lady who does remarkably well in comedy shows.

4. Hill’s acting career picked up in 2007

It’s tough for a new actor to get established in a highly competitive industry, but Tymberlee’s options began to pick up a bit in 2007. She appeared in an episode of “Drunk History” as well as a minor role in “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” but an even bigger break came her way. She was cast in a recurring role in “Grey’s Anatomy” as Intern Claire. This would help viewers to become familiar with her acting style and more easily recognize her. This role would open yet more doors for her in the acting business.

.5. She’s moved around a lot in the past few years

We also discovered that Tymberlee Hill has had to do a lot of moving around lately. Within the past two years, she has relocated three times. She has lived in Washington DC, in Los Angeles, California, and in New York City. This is a lot of moving around but her work calls for her to be in a variety of different locations so she has to go when she has a new role.

6. Hill has two siblings

We also made a discovery about Tymberlee Hill’s family that we didn’t know before. She has a sister named Gypsy, and a brother named Aaron. There isn’t a lot of information shared about her siblings and this leads us to assume that she is helping to maintain their privacy.

7. She’s highly educated

Prior to earning her master’s degree in classical acting from George Washington University’s Shakespeare Theatre Academy, Tymberlee enrolled in classes in Virginia. She was accepted at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, where she earned a BA in theatre. This has been the main focus of her education. Tymberlee does have raw and natural talent as an actress but she put forth the time, the effort and the hard work of learning the history of theatre as well as studying acting techniques and completing years of coursework at the university to lay a solid foundation for her future career. It’s actually quite impressive how highly educated this young woman has become.

8. She worked with Rob Lowe

Tymberlee appeared in the “Brothers and Sisters” series in a recurring role in 2008. She portrayed Vanessa, who was the aide to Rob Lowe in the series. Although much of her work has been in the category of supporting actress, she’s worked with some of the biggest names in the acting business. She also appeared in the hugely comical YouTube Series “Drunk History” in 2013. This shows that she is a versatile actress.

9. She has a recurring role in a new television series

Hill has been cast in a recurring role in a new television series for 2019. She plays the role of Adams Adams in the show “Perfect Harmony.” This is a hilarious new comedy series about a bitter Ivy League professor who becomes the leader of a church choir. He’s learning how to rebuild his life after the loss of his wife. If you like to hear amazing harmony in choir singing then this is a show you might want to tune in because it’s entertaining on so many levels.

10. Her highest fan rated performance was in “Due Date”

Tymberlee Hill as a lot of credits in her acting portfolio for mostly supporting roles. The performance that received the highest approval rating from viewers on Rotten Tomatoes is “Due Date.” The film was released in 2010 and Tymberlee received a 40% approval rating. Since there has only been one of her works reviewed on the site, it’s also the lowest approval rating she’s received. Hill is now a seasoned actress with 32 credits in her portfolio. While she has yet to have a really big breakout role, she’s doing very well in her career. She’s staying busy with work and when one series ends there seems to always be another that she has been able to nail down. It’s because she’s a popular actress with fans and casting directors are becoming familiar with the high-quality work she delivers.

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