10 Things You Didn’t Know about Catherine Paiz

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Catherine Paiz

You can praise or condemn Catherine Paiz and her fiance Austin McBroom as you like but there will usually be plenty of people to stand up and say that the two of them have earned their money and are able to fully enjoy their status and riches. It’s too easy to bag on the rich simply because it can be labeled as envy and a serious lack of ambition and intelligence when it comes to earning the kind of money that the two of them have. In all honesty they did find a way to get rich after college and they did manage to hold onto that fame and make it even greater. The only problem with this that I can find is that they’ve made a lot of money off of people that love the ‘look at me and how foolish I can be’ kind of attitude. It’s great if that’s what you love to watch and I many others have been guilty of it as well. But thinking that this is how some people make a living because people are willing to pay for it, well, it seems kind of screwy. Thankfully she’s also been a model and an actress, which can both be used to make a great deal of money.

Here are a few things about Catherine you might not have known.

10. She has millions of followers on social media.

So far in her YouTube career she’s managed to gain millions upon millions of followers that are more than willing to pay to see whatever she and Austin put up and in doing so has become the kind of celebrity that people might like to watch but is kind of hard to bear.

9. Catherine is currently in her 20s.

One thing you can say is that it’s kind of impressive to see how much she’s done and amassed in her time at this point since not even being into her 30s she’s still managed to become a millionaire and as a result is doing quite well.

8. She’s done her time as a model.

This is partly why it’s easy to say that people have some respect for her since while being a model is indeed competitive it’s hard to say that it’s that difficult, apart from having to retain one’s physical stature and looks.

7. She hasn’t really revealed much about her family.

There has been some information put on the internet about them but not much as it would seem that she focuses more on her career when it comes to posting certain things and has left a lot of mention of her family out of her professional life.

6. Catherine did work at an ice cream parlor for a while.

So honestly you could say she’s had a regular job for a while and this is another reason why it’s possible to say that she deserves at least an ounce of respect since she’s been on that level and had to work to survive. But seeing as she hasn’t had to do that for a while it’s kind of hard to say that she knows much about that life any longer.

5. She has undergone plastic surgery and has been pretty candid about it.

At the very least she doesn’t hide the fact or even try that she’s had some work done, was some celebrities do. This is another way that she’s gained at least some respect since lying about a change that people can see is kind of ridiculous when the truth is bound to come out eventually.

4. She was tempted to turn down her fiance, Austin McBroom.

Apparently he had to attend a few different parties just to get close enough to talk to her but it’s amusing to think that she had the inclination to turn him down at first. Obviously things turned out the way they needed to though.

3. Her net worth is said to be around $3 million.

It’s not for certain since net worth seems to change now and again but this is what has been recorded at the time and it’s not hard to think that this might be accurate. To think that a YouTuber could be worth millions though is enough to make a person shake their head.

2. She and Austin caught a lot of flak for bothering to try working a 9 to 5 job for a day just to see what it was like.

I can kind of understand where Andrew Whalen of Newsweek and so many other people are coming from when they slam the ACE family for trying to show that they can come down to the trenches and work FOR A DAY just to see if they can do it, since it’s a bit of an insult to those that can’t run away to their riches when the day is done.

1. She’s been an actress as well.

Catherine has done a few things in her life and has acted in a few movies, but you might have to look to find them.

Honestly, making millions off of YouTube is still enough to warrant a head shake.

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