Tyler James Williams is a Multi-Talented Man

Tyler James Williams is a Multi-Talented Man
Tyler James Williams is a Multi-Talented Man

Credit: @willtylerjames

Most everyone has a hidden talent. We say most because we aren’t aware of everyone’s, and others we are certain hide nothing. Abbott Elementary’s Tyler James Williams is the kind of guy who kept his hidden talents under wraps until recently, and we are impressed. It makes us wonder about him more than we already do. What we know about Tyler James Williams is that he’s talented as an actor and obviously handsome, but that’s about it. From his hidden talents to his many other interesting life tidbits, what do we not know about the handsome actor?

He’s Young

Tyler James Williams is young. He celebrated his 30th birthday on October 9, 2022. He’s the kind of guy who seems like he might be older, yet he looks younger, and we are all shocked by his age. He was born and raised in New York (Westchester County and Yonkers). He plays a teacher in his hit sitcom, and it kind of plays out close to home. Why is that? His own father is a retired teacher.

Tyler James Williams is a Multi-Talented Man

Credit: @willtylerjames

He’s Not the Only Actor in His Family

Tyler James Williams is not the only young man in his family to take on the world of acting. Did you know he has two brothers who are both in the industry? He’s the youngest, but he also has a brother called Tyrel and a brother called Tylen, and we can tell that his mother and father liked to keep the names as close as possible. This is genius considering our kids’ names aren’t close, and we still cannot figure out who we are talking to half the time.

Tylen is an actor famous for his role in Nick at Nite’s Instant Mom. Tyrel is the actor famous for his roles in Lab Rats on the Disney Channel. Talent, as we said, is a family trait. We have to wonder if his mom and dad are equally talented in this aspect. Their mom is a counselor, and their father is a police officer and a teacher. No one acted, but these kids got it from someone.

He’s Been Acting Since Childhood

This is the part where we mention we are blown away at how long Tyler James Williams has been a professional actor. He was only eight when he starred in Sesame Street. More importantly, some people are shocked to realize he is Chris Rock. Well, he is not Chris Rock, but he played Chris Rock in the hit show “Everybody Hates Chris,” the entire time the show was on the air. This is shocking because of time. Time passed quickly. For one, that show was just on television, except it really was not. It was 2005 when it aired for the first time, and it was 2009 when it went off the air. It’s been a long time, but for some of us (the ones born in the 80s), it was yesterday.

It shocks us because he was a kid when he played this character, and now he’s a full-grown adult when did that happen? We don’t know. It’s why we are always shocked when we remember that Williams was Rock. It’s like he went from a child actor to a 30-something superstar overnight. Time is passing too quickly for comfort.

He’s a Talented Musician

Here’s the thing. This is a man who is more than just good at what he does. He’s a man who is exceptional at what he does. However, when he made an appearance on a radio morning show recently, he decided to show off his hidden talent – he’s a talented rapper. He rapped the hit song “F.N.F. (Let’s Go) by GloRilla, and his fans were left speechless. No one knew that he was this talented. In fact, the internet went into a total frenzy over it, suggesting that perhaps he move on from acting and go into the music industry.

While he might be exceptionally talented, he might not want to let go of his hit show just yet. Season two of Abbott Elementary is rumored to be excellent, and we believe it. After the amazing show that was season one – and the fact that the show dominated at the Primetime Emmys – this is not a project he wants to let go of. It’s a special show, and he is not going to let it go. But perhaps there is room for him to bring his rap skills into the mix at some point. He is, after all, only 30. He has time to do anything and everything he’d like to do. Fans might want to see him rapping, but they would miss him in this hit sitcom.

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