Two Directors Are Vying to Remake Stephen King’s Pet Sematary

Two Directors Are Vying to Remake Stephen King’s Pet Sematary

Two Directors Are Vying to Remake Stephen King’s Pet Sematary

You knew this was bound to happen. Now that IT is getting such big reviews another Stephen King story is rumored to be getting a massive reboot if the fates are kind. The only thing to decide now is who’s going to be directing it. Adres Muschietti, the current director for the newly remade IT film, says that he’d love to be included as the director for Pet Sematary as it was one of his favorite stories and is the kind of classic that needs to be told correctly and with as much detail as he managed to give to IT.

Most fans wouldn’t do anything but agree, as  Andres’ work with IT was something that was miles and miles beyond anyone’s expectations. There’s only two things that could halt his ambitions when it comes to getting the job. One is the fact that IT chapter two will need a director, and as of yet Muschietti hasn’t been confirmed for the part. The second is that there is another director that would like to step in and give King’s story a try. That other director is Guillermo Del Toro.

Del Toro is a great storyteller and film maker, but it seems that Pet Sematary, which is dark enough as it is, would only get darker and more mysterious with Del Toro at the helm. Guillermo is known for making extremely dark and kind of gritty films that bring out a lot of basic and primal emotions, which would be fine for a Stephen King film, but the story would need to be somewhat cerebral as well. It would need to make a person think, to get them to look over their shoulder, and to expect something they might not want to contemplate. Both directors can do this, but they would reach the goal in very different ways.

It seems reasonable to assume that Muschietti should quite naturally be allowed to finish up IT with chapter two just because he is responsible for the current film that is still scaring people in theaters. But it’s also reasonable to want someone that gave birth to the actual idea of a Stephen King story, finally, to be included on yet another project that absolutely terrified people back in the day.

Many of us should be able to admit that when it first came out, schlocky and corny as it could be in spots, Pet Sematary was absolutely terrifying. The simple idea of the dead coming back to life is bad enough, but coming back with some guiding force driving them to do horrible things is even worse. I would hope that someone else could admit that when little Gage Creed came back and started slicing up the neighbor that they were cringing with each pulse-pounding second. I mean come on, a toddler coming back and being a malevolent little psychopath? That’s pure, straight up horror material right there.

No matter who gets it, the film will need to be handled with care.


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