Kenneth Branagh Will Be Directing The Bee Gees Biopic

Kenneth Branagh Will Be Directing The Bee Gees Biopic

Fans of the Bee Gees are probably going to be excited to see the biopic finally coming to fruition with Kenneth Branagh at the helm as the story of the three brothers comes to light in a way that hasn’t been seen before. People might not believe it, but the Bee Gees are one of the top-selling groups in the world and yet their songs belong primarily to the decades in which they were the most popular, though their hits have continued to be featured in many prominent ways over the years as their classic hits have helped to highlight many movies and TV shows in a lot of different ways. It does say a lot for a group when their influence can be felt long after their time in the spotlight, especially since a lot of people born within the last twenty years probably don’t know who the Bee Gees even are. While the overall plot of the movie should be pretty obvious, the direction that it will go in isn’t really known at this time. It’s also been made apparent that there have been no casting decisions made, and trying to pin down the release date for the movie isn’t really going to be possible for a while. At this time all that’s really known is that the biopic is coming and that it will likely be embraced quite readily by fans of the group and those that happen to be interested in learning more about the group.

Biopics have been popular for a while now since explaining the rise of various artists has become an idea that many people happen to enjoy. The only drawback is that in trying to keep with Hollywood tradition, a lot of what goes into each biopic is less than accurate when it comes to the actual history behind a band or a singer. This is typically done for entertainment value since there are moments in the history of several people that have been featured that are considered to be less than worthwhile when thinking about the audience and what they want to see, so directors tend to spice things up a bit by stretching the truth and sometimes disregarding it altogether. This has been done in just about every biopic as Walk the Line did it with Johnny Cash, Bohemian Rhapsody did it with Queen, and even Rocketman wasn’t one hundred percent true. It’s not truly an attempt to fool the viewers, it’s a trick that Hollywood pulls to make the story a little more dramatic, a little easier for people to watch, and to bump up the changes that folks will find the story a bit more interesting.

The fact is that drama sells, and this is why biopics are based on the true story of various characters but aren’t to be taken as the absolute truth since there are bound to be things that will change and facts that are better served by history and documentation than by the big screen. This is bound to happen to the Bee Gees as well and it’s likely that fans will point fingers and say that some things didn’t happen that way or that some things didn’t happen at all that were featured in the movie. It’s not as much of a surprise as it used to be since the movies are meant for entertainment purposes more than anything, but accurate representation would be nice from time to time. Such movies do manage to show the truth now and then and give fans the benefit of being able to say that yes, some of what’s being shown did actually happen in real life. A successful biopic, and several of them have been, will blend the truth with fiction, and in doing so tell a convincing story that will likely have plenty of people looking up the facts for themselves, while others will wonder at what was real and what never happened or was glammed up in some way. The Bee Gees had a long and very successful career so there’s plenty to pull from and more than enough story for a biopic that should hopefully be entertaining enough to draw people in and keep them watching.

Given their level of fame over the years one might expect that the Bee Gees biopic will be able to draw quite the crowd, especially since their music is still well known the moment it begins to play. There are a lot of questions to answer when it comes to what facets of their career the movie will focus on and how various parts of their lives will be handled, but as the project moves along it does feel that more and more of these questions will be answered. As of now, it’s hard enough to figure out who’s going to take the starring roles.

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