Twisters Doesn’t Exactly Sound Original

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Now and then, movie ideas come along and blow people out of the water simply by dint of being mentioned. The idea of making a Twister sequel and allowing Minari director, Lee Isaac Chung, to direct it isn’t quite shocking. However, it’s still a headscratcher since many people might wonder why it’s even considered necessary, let alone possible. Truthfully, the possibility of a sequel is something that could be explained. Still, the why of it is far more difficult since the original movie that was released back in the 90s was given a rather satisfying ending even though the movie itself featured several moments that professional storm chasers and those who know anything about hurricanes and tornadoes and typhoons (oh my) had a good laugh at. It was made for entertainment, that is clear, but it was a fun movie that many fans agree was worth remembering. Whether it’s really worth bringing back in this manner is up for grabs since the fans’ response will make a big difference regarding how popular such an idea might be. 

Credit: Twister

Why does Twister need a sequel?

This is a good question, even if it feels a little dismissive. The original movie went from start to finish with a few plot holes and unexplained moments. Still, it did end up introducing its characters and the story and combined both in a way that made people care about the overall movie that was the result. If there was any way to create a sequel, and some would argue that such a thing was possible, it wasn’t made evident how it would happen as the end of the movie created a resolution and conclusion that was satisfying since it closed out more than one character arc in a satisfying fashion. Plus, the general feeling was that twisters wouldn’t vanish after all was said and done. Still, there was an idea that thanks to the device used in the movie, the scientists could gain a great deal of information from within the twister that would help them understand the phenomenon’s nature. 

How many legacy characters would return?

Plenty of actors were involved in this movie, and it’s fair to wonder how many would want to return. A few wouldn’t be able to since they’ve passed away years before, and several wouldn’t be able to do since their characters were killed off during the movie. It is easy to think that several new characters would hopefully be brought into play and possibly have something to do with the legacy characters. It does sound reasonable to think that the legacy characters would be necessary to bring back or even mention to bridge the decades-long gap between the two movies. Helen Hunt would be a great individual to seek out since she was one of the main characters, and there are several familiar faces that would be great to see in the next movie if it does go ahead as appears to be the plan. Whether the actors feel this is necessary and even desired would be a giant question mark since, at this time, nothing has been determined other than the desire to make the movie, which is still not a certainty. 

Credit: Twister

No matter what, Bill Paxton and Philip Seymour Hoffman need to be mentioned

Cary Elwes might also need to be mentioned since he did play a notable part in the movie. Still, the fact is that Philip Seymour Hoffman and Bill Paxton were both iconic in their time and great in the movie since they played characters loved by the audience. Hoffman played the part of Dustin, who was a little off in some ways but was fun anyway, considering that he managed to create the lovable slob type that people enjoy seeing. On the other hand, Bill played the character who loved storm chasing but had attempted to get away from it and create a new life, only to get sucked back into the life when he tried to finalize his divorce from Helen Hunt’s character. In short, these characters left an impression on the audience, and it’s easy to think that fans would love to see a bit of respect paid to both of them. 

The sequel needs to blow the roof off, period

This might sound demanding, but the truth is that the original movie has been beaten and battered by critics over the years, and yet people still agree that it’s a fun movie that is still worth watching. Because of that, the sequel needs to become something special and something that updates the idea but still shows enough respect for the story so that fans can honestly state that it is worth the effort. 

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