Triplets Separated at Birth for an Experiment

The immoral quality of triplets being separated at birth for the sake of an experiment seems horrible to even contemplate but it could make for an interesting story so long as it’s treated with a certain amount of respect that showcases just how things happened. The idea that a person could make their way to college and suddenly be welcomed by so many is eerie enough, but upon discovering that they have a twin at the college would be even more shocking. And then having someone call up out of the blue and state that they’re your brother and look just like the both of you would make things even more insane. Finding out that you’re one of a trio would be mind-boggling, not to mention kind of dangerous since it would beg the question as to why the three brothers had been raised by different families.

In many cases if children are given over for adoption or for placement in other homes it usually is seen that twins or even triplets are kept together out of the desire to keep them close. At birth however it seems reasonable that they wouldn’t remember or even understand what was happening and could be separated without any chance of their knowing just what had happened. But plugging the word ‘experiment’ into this makes it seem highly immoral and even criminal in a way if the idea of the experiment was to see how the triplets would react to their different environments and if they would eventually gravitate towards each other.

I’ve heard it said that the bond between twins and other denominations of children born at the same time is rather strong and no matter that it isn’t what it seems in the movies it never really goes away. In some cases it’s almost as though the siblings will be drawn to each other in some strange, obscure way that can’t be fully explained but will occur all the same. Obviously this is one case in which the brothers were actually drawn to each other in a strange way. The third brother might be called happenstance, but the fact is that he still had to be watching the news or reading the paper in order to see his two siblings.

Some people would brush this off as a big coincidence, but honestly I can believe that something within siblings that have shared a birth is stronger than anything that exists between siblings that share the same blood line. After all these are people that were in the womb together and have shared more than most siblings will ever know. I’m not saying there’s a built-in homing beacon that they can follow but there’s a strange propensity for twins to simply know when their sibling is near sometimes. Somebody purposely separating them from each other for the purpose of seeing if they would get back together is appalling really but if it works they’ll likely be called a genius for having done so.

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